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Career Profile Overview

  • Adept at working with people
  • Committed to improving the lives and abilities of students
  • Collaborative
  • A leader
  • Curious
  • Knowledgeable in one or more subjects

Teachers of every kind are more in demand than ever, and countless adults are pursuing degrees in education. From pre-school to higher education, teachers are vital for the success of our nation as well as for those seeking to improve their chances for getting hired and their job options.

Because of the valuable service education provides to students of all ages, qualified educators are often in demand. It's important to know that the field you choose and level of education you complete will affect your salary, as can the type and location of the school where you work.

Different types of teaching positions will have different preparation and certification requirements. Think about the age and type of the student you'd like to teach: Adults? Teenagers? Children? What stage of education: early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, vocational, trade school, junior college, university? Also consider the subject or subjects you'd like to teach: anything from art to nursing to music to shop to science. Or maybe you'd like to go into education administration or another field related to education.

The one constant thread in all of these careers is that you are needed. And going into teaching gives you the ability to shape a life for a better future.

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