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Search Tips

Remember that the more criteria you fill out, the fewer results you will find!

State or Province:
If you want to search for mentors who live in a particular location, select from the State or Province drop-down box.

Key Word:
Type in a word or words to describe the occupation or career in which you are interested. For example: "nurse" or "nursing"; "law" or "attorney." Tip: you can also search for tasks associated with the job such as "filing" or "training."

Search for:
This section gives you the option to search for any words, all words or an exact phrase.

  • Any Words produces results which will include mentors who have used in their profiles ANY of the key words you entered in the key word edit box.
  • All Words produces results which will include mentors who have used ALL of the key words you searched by.
  • Exact Phrase produces search results that will include mentors who used all of the key words you searched by, but only if they used them right next to each other and in the same sequence you entered them.

Tip: You will find the most matches using "any words" and the least number of matches using "exact phrase."

Vision Status:
As with the state or province option, if you are only interested in communicating with mentors with a specific level of vision loss, you would only complete the vision status edit box.

Include Former Jobs:
This option enables you to find individuals who may have retired or changed careers but are still willing to discuss the job about which you are seeking information. Tip: Keep this checked for better results!

To search for a mentor using a particular technology simply select from the technology category drop-down menu. Optional: When you get your results you may choose to then filter the category by product.

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