Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

September 2001 • Volume 95Number 9

Special Issue on Distance Education



Distance Education in 2001—Kathleen Mary Huebner and William R. Wiener—print edition page 517

The Status of Distance Education in Personnel Preparation Programs in Visual Impairment—Norma C. DeMario and Toni Heinze—print edition page 525

Live and Online: A Year-round Training Program for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments in California—Amanda Hall Lueck—print edition page 533

Online Instruction in Braille Code Skills for Preservice Teachers—Alan J. Koenig and Margaret C. Robinson—print edition page 543


One Professor’s Perspective: Preparing Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments at a Distance—L. Penny Rosenblum—print edition page 558

Preparation of Teachers of Visually Impaired Students via Distance Education—Holly Cooper and Charlotte Hendrick Keefe—print edition page 563

A Distance Education Program for Teachers of Children with Visual Impairments in the United Kingdom—Christine Arter, Mike McLinden, and Steve McCall—print edition page 567

Distance Education for Master’s Students with Visual Impairments: Technology and Support—Hal M. Cain and Zandria Merrill—print edition page 572

The Hadley School for the Blind: A Pioneer in Providing Distance Education—Karen E. Wolffe—print edition page 576


Guest Editorial—print edition page 515

Book Review

The Imprisoned Guest and The Education of Laura Bridgman—Reviewed by Deborah Kent—print edition page 581

From the Field—print edition page 584

News—print edition page 589

Calendar—print edition page 591

JVIB extends a warm thank-you to the guest editors of this special issue for their scholarship and commitment: Kathleen Mary Huebner, Ph.D., Pennsylvania College of Optometry, and William R. Wiener, Ph.D., Western Michigan University.

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