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  200 Years: The Life and Legacy of Louis Braille

Portrait of Anne Sullivan Macy: Miracle Worker

200 Years:
The Life and Legacy of Louis Braille



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  Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louis Braille's BirthCelebrating the Bicentennial of Louis Braille's Birth

Coupvray: Louis' Childhood Home
  Born in CoupvrayBorn in Coupvray
  Accident in the WorkshopAccident in the Workshop
  An Independent LouisAn Independent Louis
  Louis' EducationLouis' Education

Paris: Institute for Blind Youth
  Valentin Haüy, the School's FounderValentin Haüy, the School's Founder
  Arrival at the Institute for Blind YouthArrival at the Institute for Blind Youth
  The School CurriculumThe School Curriculum

Braille Invents His Code
  Louis Perfects His SystemLouis Perfects His System
  Louis Becomes a TeacherLouis Becomes a Teacher
  Books in BrailleBooks in Braille
  Louis Invents DecapointLouis Invents Decapoint

Recognition of the Braille Code
  Changing of the Guard Changing of the Guard
  Braille's Code DemonstratedBraille's Code Demonstrated
  The Final Years of Louis BrailleThe Final Years of Louis Braille
  Dissemination of BrailleDissemination of Braille
  France Honors Its Native SonFrance Honors Its Native Son
  Helen Keller in ParisHelen Keller in Paris

Celebrating 200 Years of Braille

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