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  200 Years: The Life and Legacy of Louis Braille

Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louis Braille's Birth

Postcard with drawing by Jean Roblin depicting the head and shoulders of Louis Braille and his home in Coupvray, no date.

Postcard with drawing by Jean Roblin. The postcard, viewed vertically, is in two main sections; the upper portion has a medallion containing the head and shoulders of Louis. Louis' eyes appear closed. Coat lapels and a button down waistcoat are visible. The dates 1809 and 1852 are written on either side of the bust and his name is written in the lower portion of the medallion.

In the middle of the postcard the words Louis Braille are written in braille.

At the bottom of the postcard, are the words Born in Coupvray. Seine and Marne (Ne a Coupvray. Seine et Marne). No date.

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Celebrating 200 Years of Braille

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