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  200 Years: The Life and Legacy of Louis Braille
Braille Invents His Code

Books in Braille

leather spine of Precis Sur L'Histoire De France, the first full-length book produced using the braille code

This image shows the predominantly brown leather spine of "A Brief History of France" [Precis Sur L'Histoire De France], the first full-length book produced using the braille dot system. The book measures 11 3/4 inches high by 9 1/4 inches wide by 4 5/8 inches deep. The book's title is embossed in gold on an area of red leather. The book was published by the National Institute for Blind Youth in 1837. This edition, housed at the headquarters of the American Foundation for the blind in New York City, is one of only three known copies in existence.

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Celebrating 200 Years of Braille

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