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12-Piece Measuring SetMeasuring cups and spoons with clear white letters and numbers on a dark background. Handles allow for a strong comfortable grip and for right- or left-hand use. Six cup sizes from 1/4 cup to one cup and six spoons from 1/8 teaspoon to one tablespoon.
2.5 inch Jumbo Digital LED Remote Control Alarm ClockRemote control alarm clock with large 2.5" inch numbers in red. May be mounted on a wall. Comes with a stand for desk use. The remote control. Operates on household current.
20/20 penDesigned for the visually impaired. Extra wide, soft bullet tip with black ink. Order 20/20 pen from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
25-Foot Tactile Tape MeasureHoles mark every 6 inches on the tape measure and a 6 inch ruler is attached to the bottom of the tape measure. The attached ruler has raised lines at every 1/8 inch, and raised and brailled numbers. To measure, the user pulls out the tape, determines the length on the tape measure by counting the number of holes and multiplying by 6 inches and adds the distance from the attached ruler.
2X Jumbo Neck Magnifier2X fresnal, framed magnifying lens fits around the neck or stands on a table. Has a built in light.
6dot Braille Label Maker This is a Braille embossing label maker . The built in Braille keyboard enables users to simply type any text in any language they wish and the label maker embosses it exactly as typed. A standard QWERTY keyboard can be plugged in so friends and family can create labels even if they do not know Braille. The integral automatic cutter will cut and score the label, leaving a convenient peel-off tab that makes peeling the backing off the label easy. Features include: ◦ergonomically designed to be portable and easy to use anywhere ◦houses built in Braille Keyboard supports all grades of Braille in virtually every language ◦powered embossing for high quality Braille for accurate reading and a long life span ◦automatic scoring and cutting provides effortlessly clean label cuts without the need for scissors ◦QWERTY keyboard connectivity option enables people who cannot write Braille to generate labels ◦dual power options, AC/DC adapters or battery powering, extending the label making choices for users ◦uses standard 3/8 inch (9 millimeter) vinyl embossing label tape.
8 Digit Talking CalculatorAutomatic power shutoff. Measures 5" H x 6-7/8" W. Requires two AA batteries (not included). 90 day warranty.
A & D PRICING SCALEThis scale Weighs in lbs. The Voice may be selected to speak ounces as well.
Accessories for Voila Label ScannerLeather Case Vinyl Case Velcro Ties Magnets AA batteries (each sold separately)
Alexandravision | Collection Of Timepieces Beauty, simplicity and discretion. Alexandravision Collection of watches for the visually impaired. Vibrating watch for the visually impaired. In addition to the Meteor, available in blue, black and red, Alexandravision offers a range of elegant pendants which tell the time in the same way. The three buttons are hidden on the back of the pendants. The Comet pendant is in the shape of a black or white shell. The Kaolina is a round pendant made from cherry wood with an oval or round yellow Paesina stone inlay. The Serpentina pendant is also round and made from cherry wood, with an oval or round green Serpentine stone inlay. The Zeolita is another round pendant made from cherry wood, with a round or oval red Ophiolite stone inlay. Lastly, the Sideral watch features an elegant inlay: a work of art by a Swiss artist. This inlay is round or oval, and rhodium or gold plated.
Aluminum Clipboard Letter Writer9” x 14” clipboard with an aluminum letter writing guide.
Ambutech 42" Graphite Folding CaneGraphite folding canes that are extra-light with aluminum ferrules and a double-stranded elastic cord that allows easy folding. They have comfortable ribbed putter grips and eyelet-style tips. These canes come with marshmallow tips can be can customized by purchasing a tip that suits the user's lifestyle. Canes come in 2-inch increments. Order Ambutech 42" Graphite Folding Cane from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Ambutech Alum Folding Cane with Marshmallow TipAmbutech aluminum folding canes are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum that results in strong joints and excellent tactile transmission. They are easy to fold and have an extra knot that allows for easy replacement of Eyelet-style tips. They come with a marshmallow tip and a ribbed putter handle. Canes are available in 2-inch increments from 36- to 54-inches in 4 sections.
Audible Battery TesterA device used for testing batteries. It emits a strong buzz if the batteries are good, a weaker buzz if they are weak, and no sound if they are discharged. It also visually indicates the status of AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9-volt and 1.5-volt button batteries. Does not test batteries for hearing aids.
Audible Stud FinderPass this device along a wall while depressing the side button and it will beep when it locates any wooden stud. Uses one "9 Volt" battery.
Avalon Sporty Talking WatchTalking watch with a leather buckle band, a clear female voice offers the time and date, and five alarm settings. Available with blue or black accents.
Avalon Talking WatchTalking watch with time, calendar, multiple alarm settings and sounds, and an hourly report in a clear female voice.
Awesome Magnifying MirrorMagnifying mirror with 8x and 3x magnification. Order Awesome Magnifying Mirror from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Bacon WaveA microwaveable bacon tray that makes bacon healthier by separating the bacon from the grease.
Bank Note Reader (B.N.R.) Designed to assist visually impaired, blind, and deaf-blind people identify Canadian bank notes. It recognizes all Canadian bank notes currently in circulation and those expected to be in circulation over the next few years. Its two-tone colouring provides high contrast in the areas that matter. The user may select an appropriate output mode from bilingual-speech, tone or vibration, allowing for different levels of discretion when operated in public. There is a volume control for speech and tone announcements as well as a standard headphone jack. People who reside outside of Canada who are interested in obtaining this product should contact Brytech directly for special pricing. The product is distributed to all Blind/Visually Impaired Canadians for free through their local CNIB office.
Big Digit Clock and ThermometerDigital wall clock with indoor and outdoor thermometer with bold large numbers (4.5” high) on a frame that measures 16.5” x 10.5” x 2”. Thermometer runs on two AA batteries and clock uses four C batteries.
Big Talking Analog ClockFeatures analog synchronized movement, an easy-to-set alarm that beeps three times before announcing the time, and hourly time announcement by a female voice. Available in black. Has easy-to-read black numbers and hands and red second hand. Uses 2-AA batteries (not included). Order Big Talking Analog Clock from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Black and White Cutting BoardCutting board with a black side and a white side. Made of polyboard that is odorless, sanitary, unbreakable, and scratch-resistant. Order Black and White Cutting Board from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Boil Alert Disk
Boil Alert Disk This clear disk alerts the chef when the pot's contents are boiling. Simply add the alert disk into the pot and wait for a rattle to tell you when it's boiling. This handy unit prevents boil over of spaghetti, rice, milk, sauce and etc..
Bold Print 2 Cup Measuring CupMeasuring cup made of high-impact clear plastic with ounce, milliliter, and cup measurements in bold black numbers. Two-cup capacity with measurements starting at ¼ cup stenciled in black casing. Numbers in ounces and milliliters approximate 3/16 of an inch. Order Bold Print 2 Cup Measuring Cup from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Bold-Line Writing Paper8 1/2” x 11” paper with bold black lines on both sides. Lines are 9/16 apart or 7/8 apart. Comes in 100-sheet pads. Order Bold-Line Writing Paper from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille and Tactile World Map and 5 Continent MapsAn 8.5 x 11 inch-bound booklet containing the map of the world with the continents marked in braille and individual maps of North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa. The countries of each continent are outlined and brailled. Keys in braille accompany each map to spell the complete names of the continents or countries that have been abbreviated on the maps.
Braille Bingo BoardWhite board raised black letters on the left side and raised black numbers on the right side. Braille is underneath the numbers and letters. Order Braille Bingo Board from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Bingo Call BoardsThree bingo boards with the numbers listed in regular sequence. Order Braille Bingo Call Boards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Bingo Call NumbersSeventy-five numbers on squares with raised braille and letters and numbers. Order Braille Bingo Call Numbers from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille CompassCompass with raised dial graduations for touch orientation. North is indicated with an arrow; East, West, and South are marked by braille letters; and intercardinal points are marked with dots. Dial sets on North when cover is closed. When opened, dial is locked in place so graduations can be felt. Includes lanyard. Order Braille Compass from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille EZ Read Slate AluminumAluminum slate with 27 cells and 4 lines with pins on top side. Includes a stylus. Order Braille EZ Read Slate Aluminum from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Low Vision RulerBraille an tactile symbols overlay 1/2" large black numbers to make this plastic ruler indispensable to anyone with a vision problem. Order Braille Low Vision Ruler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Paper 100 Sheets100 pound, heavyweight 8.5" x 11" braille paper, unpunched. Sold in 100-sheet packs. Order Braille Paper 100 Sheets from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Paper Medium 11 x 11.5 inches -100 Sheet Pack11" x 11" medium-weight braille paper. Sold in 500-sheet pack.
Braille Ruler, Metal12-inch metal braille ruler with tactile markings every quarter inch.
Braille Super Salt and Pepper Shaker SetEnable the blind and visually impaired to dine with self-confidence. Super shakers have braille and tactile marks below the ridge, which allow for precise selection without having to test the contents first. Order Braille Super Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Tactile Map of USA with List of State Capitols8.5" x 11" tactile map of the United States with the states are tactually outlined and state names abbreviated in braille. Includes a companion braille legend.
Braille YardstickMetal yardstick embossed in inches.
Brailled DiceDice with black tactile dots on white background. Order Brailled Dice from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Brailled MonopolyBritish version of Monopoly identical to the popular American version except for names of properties, which have British names, and currency, which is in English pounds rather than in dollars. Includes dice, playing cards, and instructions in braille and large print.
C2 Talking CompassA miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point compass with digitized voice output in a semi-transparent light-blue enclosure. At the top there is the speaker and the activation button. A three-position slide switch on the side is used to switch the compass off (central position) and select one of the two built-in languages or voices. Order C2 Talking Compass from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Cell Phone Organizer CaseLeather case that holds and protects your cell phone and identification.
Clear Plate GuardPrevents food from being pushed off the plate. Fits plates with diameter of 9”-11”.
Click Pocket Money BraillerBrailler for marking denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 in braille for easy identification. Simply insert edge of bill and squeeze. Fits on a key chain. Order Click Pocket Money Brailler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Color Clothes Braille Markers/TagsSmall aluminum braille tags that can be sewn onto any piece of clothing with printed and brailled labels indicating color or print design (e.g., plaid or striped). Sold in packs of 100 tags.
Color TellerA compact, portable, easy-to-use talking color identifier that enables people who are blind or have a color vision impairment to determine the color of materials and objects. Used for matching clothes, access color-coded products for easy identification, and other activities involving color.
Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light ProbeDevice for detecting colors and identifying sources, and distinguishing intensities and natural from artificial light. Speaks clearly at three volumes and has an earphone jack. Uses two AAA batteries and can be connected to a computer for downloading software updates. Designed to accommodate a cord. Order Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Probe from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Cordless Can OpenerCutter goes around the can by itself and automatically shuts off with no pressure.
Cutting Board with Pivot KnifeTen-inch square cutting board mounted on four suction cups with a chef knife attached to it. Allows for chopping motion through an arc of 90 degrees. Knife can be removed for cleaning and sharpening.
Dazor Halogen Lamps20 watt bulb in a 25 diameter reflector head which produces a more concentrated beam of light, more powerful than incandescent and with a light that resembles natural daylight.
Deluxe Backgammon SetTournament sized set with raised white dividers and tactile dice.
Deluxe Signature GuideTwo rubber blocks, 9/16 inches apart.It consists of 2 thin bars to provide proper guidance for signature. Order Deluxe Signature Guide from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Designer Chess SetChess set with chess pieces that are constructed with tactile markings that differentiate each player’s set. To keep the pieces in place, each piece has a peg on the bottom that fits into holes in the board.
Designer Tic-Tac-ToeWooden Tic Tac Toe board with recessed squares to help guide and securely hold large X and O pieces into place.
Desktop 4-Track Player/RecorderModified Sony player/recorder with two speeds--15/16 and 1-7/8 ips, variable speed. Features include a built-in microphone, automatic shutoff, built-in speaker, pause control, earphone and microphone jacks, and A/C adapter. Requires four AA batteries (not included).
Desktop Talking CalculatorEight-digit full-function talking calculator that features ½” black number display and a clear female voice. Features include repeat, memory, auto power shut-off, and adjustable volume. Audio results may be given in either units or digits. Uses AA batteries (not included).
Detecto Low Vision ScaleWeighing scale with a 36" high post with a jumbo dial.
Dice TrayRound dice tray lined with felt and has a wooden edge.
Domino Rack (Tile Holder)Holds up to 44 jumbo dominoes at a slant for secure and easy viewing. Order Domino Rack (Tile Holder) from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Dominoes With Raised DotsTactile domino set for the visually impaired. Order Dominoes With Raised Dots from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Easi-Grip Kitchen Knives and UtensilsStainless steel kitchen utensils set at 90 degrees from soft-feel plastic handles for comfortable grip and neutral stress-free position. Ideal for persons with arthritis, RSI, CTI or other conditions which weaken hands and wrists. Dishwasher safe.
Easy-Release ForkReleases food with one-hand. One-handed operation for selecting and serving meats, cheeses, or fruits. Perfect for buffets, parties and everyday use. Unique stainless steel design releases food from fork prongs with ease - great for people with hand weakness or arthritis. Dishwasher safe.
Egg SeparatorSeparates the white from the yolk of a raw egg.
EZ Handy-Helper Cutting BoardTextured surface with stainless steel corner plate holds food in place. Odorless, sanitary, unbreakable and scratch resistant. In black or white
Fiberglass Measuring TapeStandard large print markings with tactile indications. One small hole every 1/2" and a larger hole at every 1". Double holes every 12".
Fold-Over Writing GuideFolding writing guide that opens on one side to allow user to insert the paper to hold it in place while writing within the cutout lines. Order Fold-Over Writing Guide from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Food BumperSnap-on sanitary polyproplylene device to keep food from sliding off a plate. Order Food Bumper from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
FOOD SERVICE THERMOMETERFood Service Thermometer is Captek-designed for steam table, refrigerator, and freezer.
Freezer AlarmAlarm for use with a freezer to guard against accidental defrosting. Has a loud alarm that sounds when the freezer reaches 15ĵF to warn of potential thawing. Also has an LED visual indicator. Uses AA batteries (included).
Giant-View Clock Quartz with 1.75” high numerals. Stands on table or hangs on wall.
Gigantic Laminated Bingo Cards11” x 17” Bingo cards with 2” black numbers against a white background. May also be used as placemats. Order Gigantic Laminated Bingo Cards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Gooseneck Desk LampDesk lamp with a 12” gooseneck and sturdy weighted base. Has easy-grip on/off switch. Uses a 60-watt bulb. Comes in white and satin chrome finish.
Grill Alert® Talking Remote Meat ThermometerA remote meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of grilling. Insert the stainless steel probes in the center of the meat, select the type of meat and how you would like it cooked and let this wireless remote cooking thermometer do the rest. You can relax knowing that you will not overcook your food! A voice prompt alerts you when your meat is "Almost Ready" and "Ready." It's one of the hottest accessible gifts you can give!
Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven ThermometerNo need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready-this wireless thermometer verbally alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrées, choose the doneness desired and you’re good to grill.
HandGuideHandheld mobility aid that fits comfortably in the hand and stores easily in a pocket or handbag. High-tech, infrared sensors detect objects within four feet. Offers a choice of two modes to detect objects and provide a sense of their distance--Audio mode uses pitch variation and vibration mode quietly uses vibration variation.
Handi-Cassette II Stereo Tape Recorder/PlayerTape recorder/player that includes the following features: Digital Pitch Control (DPC), which allows user to increase or decrease rate of listening without unpleasant change in voice pitch; plays and records on two or four tracks; plays and records at 1 7/8" per second or 15/16 ips (Talking Book speed); built-in mono speaker and microphone stereo playback through included headphones; tactile symbols on controls; and touch checking of tape movement. May be powered by using wall outlet, included rechargeable batteries, or regular AA batteries. Stereo headphones, AC power converter/recharger, rechargeable battery pack, AA battery clip included. Manual in print and on audiocassette provided as well as print and braille quickstart instructions.
Hi Mark Tactile Pens3-D writing tool to create raised lines and dots. Dries to non-toxic plastic feeling finish. In black, white, or orange.
Identi-ButtonsButtons in various shapes to indicate color for identifying clothing. Comes in eight-color packages and primary range colors (black, white, red, green, yellow pink, blue and brown) and fashion range colors (grey, peach, cream, navy, mauve, turquoise, beige, and orange).
Illuminated Big Button Remote ControlRemote control for TV/VCR/Cable/Sat/Aux with extra-large buttons, large characters for easy reading, simplified keypad layout, brilliant lighted buttons. Simple to program and replaces up to five remote controls. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Order Illuminated Big Button Remote Control from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
ImpressorEasy-to-use custom-made embosser for creating 3 1/2" x 2" braille business cards. Embosses up to 4 lines, 13 braille cells per line. Metal construction with acrylic base for one-hand operation.
INFILA Automatic Needle ThreaderAutomatic needle threader designed for threading large or thin needles with a push of a button. May be used for single or double threading. Order INFILA Automatic Needle Threader from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Invoca 3 - Voice Activated Universal RemoteNow you can tell your TV what to do without lifting a finger. This universal remote is voice activated and can recognize up to 25 user programmable voice commands. In fact, it's so automated, it can perform even complex multi-step operations from a single spoken command. The inVoca includes a recharger cradle (4 AA rechargeable batteries not included) so it is fully charged and ready to use whenever you are. You can teach the inVoca new codes from your existing remote and there is even a "New Brand Search" feature which enables auto-search based on your specific brand of TV, VCR, DVD Player, etc. The 4 in 1 remote lets you control your TV, VCR, DVD, Cable, Satellite, and AUX by the sound of your voice. No wonder it's been called the world's most advanced remote control.
Jot a DotPocket-sized, 20-cell mechanical braille writing device. Has tactile indicators to help in finding the current line and cell. Brailles on lightweight paper.
Kelvin Talking ThermostatVoice-interactive, fully programmable thermostat that can be operated by pushing its buttons, all of which talk, or by simply talking to the thermostat, which responds to voice commands once it has been programmed. Kelvin can be programmed to lower the temperature daily at specific times of day, such as evening, and to raise the temperature the following morning. It can also be programmed for weekends or vacation when the house is not occupied and to adjust automatically for when the house is occupied again. Controls both heating and cooling and replaces the existing thermostat in the house. Tactile arrows mark the “Raise” and “Lower” panels. Does not work with heat pumps. Professional installation recommended. Uses four AA batteries (not included). Comes in light gray. Instructions on cassette or disc available on request.
Klik-Lock PadlockCombination padlock that works with parallel levers instead of a dial. Can be opened by simply feeling or listening for the clicks.
Ladies Bi-Color Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch (Expansion Band)The only Classic Ladies Bi-Color Quartz Talking Watch that has time and alarm announcement with clear male voice. Bi-Color Case Matte Finish w/White Dial and 1-12 Black Numbers- Bi-color Expansion Band. Features: hourly audio announcement and alarm with 3 different sounds. Powered by 2 lithium batteries (included).
Ladies Bi-Color Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch (Leather Band)The only Classic Ladies Bi-Color Quartz Talking Watch that has time and alarm announcement with clear male voice. Bi-Color Case Matte Finish w/White Dial and 1-12 Black Numbers-Black Leather Band w Gold Buckle. Features: hourly audio announcement and alarm with 3 different sounds. Powered by 2 lithium batteries (included).
Ladies Chrome Braille Watch Expansion BandBattery-operated quartz watch that never requires winding. Has a silver dial with black numerals and comes with a chrome expansion band. The crystal is hinged at 12 o'clock, which allows glass to flip up at 6 o'clock for tactual time-telling. Diameter on the face measures .75 inches.
Ladies Seiko Braille WatchChrome watch with a black face and a black leather band. The face measures .75 inch. It opens at 6 o'clock.
Ladies Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with Chrome Expansion BandChrome quartz talking watch with time and alarm announcement in a clear, male voice. Chrome case with a chrome dial and black 1-12 numbers and a chrome expansion band. Features an hourly audio announcement and alarm with three different sounds. Batteries included. Dial size: 1"-1/4". Order Ladies Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with Chrome Expansion Band from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Ladies' Braille Gold Tone Watch with Crystal NumbersLadies godl watch with faceted crystals to mark the hours--three are set at 12:00, two at 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, and one set at each additional hour. Distinctly shaped minute and second hands allow for easy reading. The .75-inch face opens at 6:00. The face is white with delicate black numbers; casing and expansion band are in gold.
Ladies' Tel-Time Gold-Colored Talking Watch with Golden Expansion BandGold ladies quartz talking watch with time and alarm announcement in a clear, male voice. Gold case with gold dial and black 1-12 numbers. Gold expansion band. Features and hourly audio announcement and alarm with three different sounds. Batteries included. Dial size: 1-1/4".
Large Print Bingo CardsLarge, heavy-duty Bingo cards with large print black numbers against a white background. 10 pack. Order Large Print Bingo Cards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Large Print Check and Deposit Register (600 Entry)Large easy-to-read register for maintaining records of deposit and check transactions. Twelve entries for each 8 ½” x 11” page. Comes in 50-page sheets, allowing for 600 entries. Order Large Print Check and Deposit Register (600 Entry) from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Large Print Day Calendar Appointment BookLarge print calendar with a tab for each month and an introductory area showing the previous, current and future months and section for notes and appointments. Has large numbers and 2-inch boxes to write notes, reminders, appointments or shopping lists.
Large Print Keyboard Labels (Black on White, Yellow, Green-Lower CaseLarge print labels for standard IBM-compatible computer keyboards. Labels come in sets of three pages of 63 multi-colored, high-contrast stickers for a total of 189 stickers. Includes map to show where stickers go and a key for abbreviations and pictograms. Top row of numbers includes upper case characters as well.
Large Print ScrabbleDesigned in association with the Royal National Institute of the Blind, this scrabble has standard-sized tiles imprinted with large (nearly .5 inch) bold letters and easy-to-see numerical values. White tiles contrast with the green board. A large print board and large print user guide are also included.
Large Table Top Chess SetLarge tabletop chess set comes with two slide-open drawers that neatly hold all the playing pieces. White pieces have bumps on top to differentiate against the black pieces. On the board, black spaces are slightly raised over their counterparts so players can easily recognize playing fields. All spaces have holes to prevent the pieces from sliding around the board. This feature makes it great for traveling as well as at-home use.
Leather Wallet Money OrganizerWallet with five compartments—one with a zipper for paper money, three for change with Velcros, and nine for credit cards. Made of genuine black leather.
Light and Sight Adjustable Desk LampDesk lamp with arms that can be adjusted for 20” to 25” heights. Provides evenly diffused light for extended reading and task illumination. Comes in satin brass finish. Uses a standard 100-watt bulb (included).
Lightweight Metal Slate Pins On BottomSlate with four lines of 28 cells each with pins on the bottom side. Durable aluminum with a slot for tape. Order Lightweight Metal Slate Pins On Bottom from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Liquid StitchRepair hems or attach patches using this clear drying adhesive.
Long Oven MittsThese oven mitts cover most of your arm, lessening the chance of burning yourself. Order Long Oven Mitts from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Low Vision Atomic Solar Wall ClockLarge numbers, no settings, and powered by solar energy make this clock easy to use. It receives time radio signals generated by th US atomic clock in Colorado. Displays month, date, and day of week below the time.
Low Vision Plastic RulerBold black 1/2" high numbers on a snow white background. Order Low Vision Plastic Ruler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Magic OpenerThe Magic Opener opens plastic and metal twist-off caps. It is fast easy and painless, and is quality engineered of soft molded plastic and rust proof stainless steel.
Magna Wonder KnifeAn all purpose knife with a stainless steel 8.25" scalloped-edge blade. A detachable guide cuts uniform slices of 1/16" to 1/2" thick. An outstanding knife that never needs to be sharpened. Made in Switzerland.
Magnifying Mirror with LightSmall, lightweight lighted magnifying mirror with an adjustable hinged arm for moving easily. Has a diffuser lens and an extra base stand for use in the home. May be folded flat for portability. Mirrors come in 6 ½” and 7” diameters and 8x, 10x, and 12x magnifications.
Magnifying Tablet CutterPlace a pill in the holder to cut it exactly in half as the doctor ordered.
Matchmakers Clothing IdentifiersClthing identifiers made of a plastic cover with raised dots bonded to a brass safety pin to prevent separation during laundering. There are 17 different patterns and 14 of each pattern. User counts the number of raised dots to match clothing, etc. Also useful for people with color blindness. Each marker is 1" long. Sold in package of 238 pieces.
Maxi Handheld Talking Calculator with AlarmEight-digit talking calculator with LCD and entries and results spoken in a female voice. Includes an alarm clock, adjustable volume/repeat, and memory. Uses two AAA batteries (not included).
Maxi-SoundThe new Maxi-Sound talking alarm clock radio can wake you up to the radio or alarm. An hourly announcement from a female voice tells you the time.
MedifierEnlarges prescription label to prevent dose errors.
Men's 2-Tone Octagonal Braille WatchGold and silver octagonal shape braille watch. Dial measures 1 1/4 inches with a two-tone metal expansion band to match the case. Opening at 6 o'clock.
Men's Chrome Braille Watch Expansion BandDependable battery-operated quartz watch that does not winding. Silver dial with black numerals with a chrome expansion band. Crystal is hinged at 12 o'clock, which allows glass to flip up at 6 o'clock for tactual time-telling. The diameter on the face measures 1.25 inches. Order Men's Chrome Braille Watch Expansion Band from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Men's Gold Tone Braille Watch Expansion BandDependable battery operated quartz watches that never require winding. This gold colored facing with black numerals comes with a gold tone expansion band. The crystal is hinged at 12 o'clock which allows glass to flip up at 6 o'clock for tactual time-telling. Diameter on the face measures 1.25 inches. Order Men's Gold Tone Braille Watch Expansion Band from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Men's Talking Watch Chrome Talking Watch Chrome
Metal Double SpatulaDouble nylon spatula with an aluminum handle. Withstands temperatures of up to 240ĵF. Handles may be separated for single-spatula use.
Mini Talking MemoTake notes and hear them later. Great for shopping lists, names, numbers, or things to do.
Mini Wilson Digital Recorder, The Mini Wilson is a portable digital voice recorder that is simple to use and feature-rich utilizing the highest quality components possible. It is a compact recorder that can be connected to your key chain or put in your wallet. PRODUCT FEATUREs: *Records up to two hours *Easy to add and delete messages; stores multiple messages *Credit card size, will fit in your wallet *Record and play; phone numbers, addresses, shopping lists, reminders, to-do lists, notes, appointments, messages, directions, audio instructions, etc... *Battery included 137 Rano Street Buffalo, NY 14207
Mixed Bump DotsEight different types of dots with ten of each for a total of 80 dots.
Mixed-Touch DotsAll five colors included in package. 64 dots per color: Black-White-Red-Yellow-Orange. 320 dots per package. Convenient and best way to save.
Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Clock The Moshi IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Clock is an amazing, modern styled talking clock that is totally voice controlled. Once set, through voice commands only, the current time, the alarm time and sound, the sleep sound, and even the date, can be retrieved by just asking for it. "MOSHI" is fully voice interactive and can be operated without ever seeing the clock. The 12 commands can be asked and answered without even leaving the comfort of your bed! In addition to the indoor temperature announcement in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, choose from 5 different backlight colors. To activate the clock, simply say, "Hello Moshi." Features: *Listens and responds to 12 voice-activated commands *Has 3 different alarm sounds; chime, chirp or bell *Can play a sleep sound of your choice for 5 minutes; water, birds or waterfall *Includes a nightlight and a "help" feature *Operates on AC/DC power (adaptor included) or 3 AAA batteries (not included) 137 Rano Street Buffalo, NY 14207
Nail Clipper With 2X Magnifier And Nail CollectorA magnifier and a nail collector makes clipping nails even easier.
Name Announcement Talking Caller ID With Call WaitingThis item has all the necessary functions such as announcing the caller's number, storing 99 calls, displaying the name, number, date and time, and bi-lingual Spanish/English capability. In addition, the user is able to announce recorded names (up to 50) over a cordless telephone, deliver recorded outgoing messages to specific callers and has call waiting. And, yes the 9900CW allows for the caller to be announced over the handset, headset, or built in speaker. In order to activate these units the user must subscribe to the local telephone company for these services. Visual and audible message indicator. Batteries and AC adapter included.
Nylon Lettuce KnifeSerrated knife made of nylon which helps prevent food discoloration. Cuts lettuce, other vegetables, breads, and sandwiches. This lettuce Knife, Helps keep the person with visual Impairments have more control over the cutting process . Recommended for people who have a fear of cutting themselves or have medical problems such as diabetes, bleeding or are on certain medications. When injury from a common knife is a concern use a Nylon lettuce knife it will give you back security and control. More than just for lettuce cuts bread, veggies and most foods. Also won't brown lettuce. Features: * NEVER RUSTS, * CAKE DECORATOR * DISHWASHER SAFE *Color: Green, Red or Yellow .
Panasonic 4 Track Player with Variable SpeedModified 4-track player with variable speed--15/16 and 1-7/8 ips. Features include headphones, fast forward and rewind, earphone jack, belt clip. No A/C adapter jack. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Perkins BraillerBrailler with adjustable margin stops that accommodate paper up to fourteen inches long and have large paper feed knobs. Embosses 25 lines with 42 cells on a standard 11-inch sheet of paper.
Perkins SMART BraillerA brailler with a video screen and audio feedback that shows and speaks letters and words in real-time as they are being brailled in SimBraille or large print, for an instantaneous, multi-sensory learning experience. Additional Features include: text-to-speech, volume control, headphone outlet, USB port to save files to external device. The ability to edit, save and transfer electronic documents via USB. US English Braille, including contractions. Acapela Text to Speech from Acapela Group. Built-in software with lessons for braille beginners (American Printing House version only; available separately for a fee).
Plastic Braille Playing CardsPlastic playing cards that feature regular print and braille. Washable and durable. 100% plastic. Order Plastic Braille Playing Cards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Pocket Talking ClockThe three in one clock, calender, timer pocket combo is one of the best talking items on the market. It fits in your shirt pocket, easy to set, and easy to use.
Pocketalker ProHear what you’ve been missing!!! The Pocketalker Pro includes a sensitive microphone that can be placed close to the sound source to minimize background noise, a compact amplifier with volume control, and your choice of earphone/headphone options to deliver full range, high quality sound. For hearing aid wearer, neckloop and silhouette telecoil couplers are available for use with telecoil-equipped hearing aids. (2) AA Alkaline batteries provide up to 100 hours of use, while rechargeable batteries and AC Adapter/Charger are also available for purchase. A microphone extension cord for TV listening, a belt clip case, and a handy carry case are standard components as well. The optional Telelink attaches to the handset of most telephones and amplifies calls to a clear and comfortable listening level. Easy-To-Use Anywhere: One-on-One Conversations, Indoor-outdoor activities, Listening in a car, TV or radio listening and Restaurants or small groups. The Pocketalker Pro is also used by doctors, lawyers, clergy and other professionals when counseling hearing impaired people. The Pocketalker Pro meets ADA (Americans w/ Disabilities Act) regulations and is a convenient way to provide communication accessibility in public places and businesses.
Pyramid Talking Alarm ClockThis unique pyramid design clock delivers time reports with a touch of its large, black button at the top of the clock. Turn it over for 1/4" black numbers on LCD display.
Q539 Sub BaseAllows a heating thermostat to become a heating/cooling thermostat.
Raised Line Writing PaperHeavy raised lines on sheets of paper help the user feel the lines when writing. Approximately 165 sheets per pad. Order Raised Line Writing Paper from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Reizen Braille Women's Watch Women's watch with chrome/gold finish with 6 o'clock opening and leather band.
Reizen II Low Vision Floor LampFloor lamp with an adjustable head and flexible arm. Features eye–protecting feature specially designed to cut glare and provide soothing illumination. Includes power- and energy-efficient long-lasting bulb.
Reizen Low Vision Floor LampFloor lamp with a double ventilated shade and flexible arm for adjustable glare-free lighting. Has a palm switch for people with arthritis. Comes in chrome.
Reizen Men's Braille WatchMen's chrome finish watch with a leather band. It opens at 6 o'clock. Order Reizen Men's Braille Watch from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Reizen Talking Digital CompassTalking digital car compass with a thermometer, clock with alarm and snooze, stopwatch, date, and a device for repelling mosquitoes. The large LCD display is backlit for easier reading of all information. Clear, female voice speaks the location with a touch of a button. Uses three AAA batteries (not included).
Reizen Talking Digital Tire GaugeHear your tire pressure measurement clearly announced in English or Spanish. Pressing the gauge's red button turns it on and off. Pressure measurements are also displayed on easy-to-read LCD display.
Reizen Talking Weight ScaleTalking weight scale with automatic zero adjustment and volume control. Automatically turns on when user steps on its large platform and off when user steps off. Scale weight in pounds or kilos and measures up to 330 pounds. Comes in almond color. Uses 9-volt battery (included).
Revolution Graphite Folding CaneLightweight graphite folding cane that flex back to original shape when bent. original shape. Comes with a large diameter pencil tip made of long life super tough polymer and a firm rubber golf-style grip handle. Teardrop, metal, roller and roller ball tips available. Order Revolution Graphite Folding Cane from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Royal Talking Tel-Weight Kitchen ScaleDigital talking scale with a female voice that reads out the weight of meal portions. No programming needed. 9-volt battery included.
Say When - Liquid Level IndicatorIndicator with a sound alert when liquid level nears top of a glass or container. Uses 9-volt replacement battery. Order Say When - Liquid Level Indicator from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Scrabble Deluxe EditionScrabble with a board with ridges that hold the tiles in place and rotates on its turntable base so the letters face the player putting down the new word. Tactile Scrabble Overlays (363522) available.
Seven-Day Pill MonitorExtra-large pill organizer for storing multiple daily medications. Comes in blue.
Soccer Ball Order Soccer Ball from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock3 different options for waking up: by light, vibrator or an adjustable buzzer. Can use all three options simultaneously or in different combinations. The clock has a built-in outlet for a lamp and an auxiliary jack for Optional-bed vibrator- not included. The lamp can be used for both flashing and reading. Features: battery back-up - 9 volt battery (not included), snooze button, green digital display with adjustable angle for easy reading. Adjustable buzzer to 98db. Volume and tone adjustments. Built-in deluxe remote receiver.
Sony Digital Recorder with Dragon NaturallySpeakingRecorder that allows user to record up to 696 minutes (11 hours) of lectures, conversations, or meetings and convert them to text by downloading to a computer to read in the LP mode. Recordings may be organized into five file folders. Features include Digital Voice Up® and VOR (Voice Operated Recording) functions, which increases the volume of the person speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit; digital pitch control, which allows recordings to be heard at slower than normal speeds without distortion to facilitate transcribing or editing, or faster than normal to move quickly to a desired portion; recording monitor function, which allows user to listen to the recording level by using headphone while unit is recording. Also includes 32MB Flash Memory, recording modes (ST/STLP/SP/LP), playback speaker, built-in stereo microphone; uploading of MP3 music files, DC-in jack. Comes with USB Cable, Digital Voice Editor Software, Stereo Ear Receiver. Order Sony Digital Recorder with Dragon NaturallySpeaking from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Splatter GuardAluminum mesh helps prevent grease from splattering. Also allows steam to escape and the ability to add liquids with minimal splashing.
Standard Copy HolderAdjustable clip and ruler to hold documents in place.
String Signature GuideSignature guide with a rubber cord that flexes to accommodate letters such as “g,” “p,” and ‘y,” that go below the line. Has a non-slip backing to prevent sliding. Order String Signature Guide from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Striped Warning TapeDesigned to mark ramps, stairs, floors, and anywhere there is heavy foot traffic. In black/white and black/yellow.
Sunbeam Hot-Shot Beverage MakerIn 90 seconds, get piping hot water for coffee, cocoa, soups, etc. Light signals you when ready. Heat 16 oz. at a time. Stainless steel tank. Order Sunbeam Hot-Shot Beverage Maker from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tactile Braille Ruler12 inch plastic ruler with ½” raised numbers and braille.
Tactile Chess and Checker Board SetChess and checker board with sharp contrast provided by black-and-white squares on a plastic board. Also offers tactual differentiation with white squares that are deeper than the black squares, a feature which also keeps pieces from sliding around the board. A hole in each square accommodates pegged chess pieces. The wooden chess pieces have tactual markings to distinguish the two sides and pegged bottoms. The sturdy checkers pieces can be tactually identified by the square shapes for the black pieces and circles for the red. Order Tactile Chess and Checker Board Set from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tactile Low Vision TimerTimer with bold, easy-to-read tactile numbers. Measures 8” in diameter with 1 ¼” numbers.
Tactile Meat ThermometerStainless steel meat thermometer marked tactually at each degree. Waterproof and dishwater safe. Square shape prevents it from rolling off countertop.
Tactile TimerEasy-to-set tactile kitchen timer is easy to set with small raised bumps at every minute interval, larger markings at every five minutes, and raised bar at 60 minutes.
Talking Alarm ClockTalking alarm clock with ½-inch black numbers on and LCD display with a female voice that speaks the time. Includes voice volume control, one-minute alarm duration, LCD display for longest battery life, indicators for alarm, hourly report, and alarm set. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Talking Appliance TimerTalking appliance timer that offers instruction on start-up, with every button that speaks to talk user through setting. Timer allows user to turn appliances on and off at a designated time and is customizable for each day of the week. May also be used to control appliances by temperature, such as a space heater, which can be set to turn on at a pre-set time, at a pre-set room temperature, or when the temperature drops below freezing. All speech is in a clear male voice and a volume control allows for customization of sound. Built-in battery recharges when plugged in; when unplugged, settings are retained for several months. Also features a built-in talking thermometer and talking clock. Use only with appliances that are less than 10 amps.
Talking Atomic Alarm ClockAlarm clock that speaks time and date announcement with a female voice. Radio controlled with time signal generated from the U.S. ATomic Clock in Colorado. Large LCD display time, month, date, day of the week, and alarm time. Hourly announcement option between 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Five-minute alarm with beep tone and current time announcement. Volume control. Order Talking Atomic Alarm Clock from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Blood Pressure MeterBlood pressure monitor with an arm cuff that inflates and deflates automatically and announces blood pressure and pulse rate. Kit includes meter with standard adult-size arm cuff that fits circumferences of 7½” to 12½”. Comes with large print and audio cassette instructions. Braille version available upon request.
Talking CalculatorLarge ten-digit talking calculator with a visual LCD display, adjustable volume. Results are spoken in full numbers or digits. Has 12/24- hour selection, repeat key, musical melody function. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Talking Calculator and Clock - SpanishTalking clock and 8-digit calculator with memory, LCD display, entries and results spoken by a female voice, time display, and alarm. Repeatable and adjustable volume and shut-off. Operates on 2 “AA” batteries (not included).
Talking Caller IDBi-lingual (English/Spanish) talking caller ID that announces the number when the phone rings, says when a number is blocked or if the caller's number is unknown. Stores ten calls for audible review of numbers, date and time. Has volume control, power surge protection, 6-foot telephone cord. Does not have a display. Unit operates only if the user subscribes to Caller ID service from the local telephone company.
Talking Clinical ThermometerAccurate within 0.3 degrees in a temperature range of 90 degrees to 109.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The last recorded temperature stays in memory. A female voice announces the temperature. Order Talking Clinical Thermometer from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Clock and ThermometerDaily calendar clock that also reports the room temperature and current time in a female voice. Has 15 selections of melody, playing single or all. Includes large ¼ black numbers on LCD display, time, alarm with snooze (rooster sound or melody). Uses two AA batteries (not included). 1/4" black numbers on LCD display.
Talking Cooking and All-Around ThermometerTalking meat thermometer that also can be used to measure bath water and temperature as well as heating pads or other objects affected by heat. White case. Uses a 3-volt coin cell (included).
Talking Cooking Thermometer Talking thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of meat or any other food item. When probe is inserted Start button is pressed, thermometer will say "Please Wait." After a short delay (less than 15 seconds), measured temperature is spoken in Fahrenheit degrees. Uses a 9-volt battery. Has a wide temperature range and may also be used to monitor cooler temperature, such as ice-bath, refrigerator, or the freezer.
Talking Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerSilver talking indoor/outdoor thermometer with hourly temperature announcement by a female voice from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius switch. Temperatures range from -58F to 158F. Operates on two AAA batteries (not included).
Talking Indoor/Outdoor ThermometerLarge dual display shows both indoor and outdoor temperatures and announces them at the push of a button. Order Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Kitchen ScaleTalking kitchen scale that accurately weighs (within 2%) up to 10 pounds in half-ounce steps. Features a large, secure bowl and non-slip feet. Easy to use and clean. Uses 9-volt battery or adaptor (not included). Order Talking Kitchen Scale from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Measuring JugIt gives the measurements either in ounces and pints or in liters and milliliters in a male British voice.
Talking Measuring JugA battery operated jug, that, at the press of a button, announces the volume of its contents either in ounces or pints or in liters and milliliters as fluid or solids. Measure liquid up to a maximum of two litres. The jug element is removable for easy cleaning. Adjustable volume with a male English voice. Supplied with battery (PP3 9v alkaline).
Talking Microwave Oven A 1.1 cubic foot, 1000 watt microwave oven specially modified with a clear male voice to talk user through all operating functions. Has a built-in turntable for even heating and features a speaking count-down timer that can be used independently from the microwave to provide accurate timing for any purpose.
Talking PedometerTalking pedometer that tells you how user has walked or jogged. Includes a talking clock, digital music on/off, and a built-in FM radio, which uses the included headphone. Battery included.
Talking PedometerAnnounces steps, distance, and approximate calories burned. Also has a built-in alarm. Order Talking Pedometer from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking RxTalking Rx is a voice output medication label reader and reminder device designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This system is a 60-second digital recording device that fits on the bottom of a 12-, 13-, or 16-dram prescription bottle. A doctor or pharmacist records prescription information and instructions into Talking Rx, and the user can then hear the recorded information and instructions by pushing a small red button. The device produces clear, audible voice playback at 80-85 decibels. Messages can be up to 60 seconds long, and each message can be played up to 150 times. To record a message, the doctor or pharmacist actuates a recessed record button inside the device using a stylus or paperclip. While holding the record button down, the physician or pharmacist records the message by speaking into Talking Rx. Talking Rx can be used over and over. The same Talking Rx can be used again for a different medication or prescription when the first one is finished. The device can also be used with insulin or eye drops. Talking Rx is water-resistant and ultrasonically welded for security. POWER: Uses three watch batteries. Order Talking Rx from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Tape MeasureTape measure that speaks length measurements of up to 16 feet with a press of a button. Automatic shut-off and belt clip. Uses 9-volt battery (included).
Talking Tape Measure - SpanishSpanish Speaking. Measures length up to 16 Feet. Just press the button and it announces the length. Automatic shut-off. Has a belt clip. A 9 volt battery (included). Also can be used in metric measurement. FREE case.
Talking ThermometerThermometer that speaks the temperature of the meat in which it is inserted in 0.1ºF increments. With a range of -4ºF to 248ºF, it can also be used for other measuring needs, such as room or water temperatures.
Talking TimerTalking clock and timer that counts down and up. Both the countdown function of the timer and the talking clock talk user through the setting functions. Can be set for up to 23 hours, 59 minutes. When set for more than an hour, it will automatically announce each hour remaining until one hour is left, then it will announce every ten minutes, then every ten seconds, and finally each second. The countup timer function does not have a verbal mode. Includes a clip, a magnet and a stand. Batteries included. Order Talking Timer from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tel-Therm Talking ThermometerIndoor/outdoor talking thermometer with alert function when the roads are too icy or when the temperature is too hot for outdoor activities. Daily high/low temperature reporting provides highest and lowest temperatures of the day. Also includes an hourly temperature announcement. 5/8" black numbers on LCD display. Female voice. White case. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).
Tel-TimerThis talking timer announces the time periodically or at the push of a button.
Textured Dominoes28 dominoes with 7 different tactile surfaces.
The Sock ProSock holder for keeping socks together in the washer or dryer. Comes in different colors.
Thick Sock LockLock for holding thin or thick sock pairs together in the washing machine, dryer, or sock drawer.
Tic-Tac-Toe II (Jumbo)The old favorite game with large foam pieces.
TimeBird Talking ClockCompact, but expandable clock with a slim, ivory and gold trim case that slides open to reveal the LCD time display and a convenient flip-back stand. Female voice announces the time in AM or PM when case is either closed or opened and button is pressed. Also announces settings while it is being programmed. Has three volume settings and three alarm settings. Clock uses one C2032 button-cell battery (included). Includes a black, velvet protective plastic case.
Timer with Extra-Large ReadoutTimer with a ¾” LCD readout and a loud ring. Has three-setting buttons, a magnet, and a clip on the back. Can be set for up to 19 hours and 59 minutes. Uses one AAA battery (included).
Tomato/Vegetable SlicerGadget for evenly slicing tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables.
Touch to See IdentifiersLabels designed for the blind or visually impaired. Letters and number are in bold and Braille. Includes 141 letters and 32 numbers. Order Touch to See Identifiers from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Travel Chess SetChess set with a board that can be used as a carrying case to hold 16 black and 16 white chess pieces when closed. White pieces have bumps on top to differentiate them form the black pieces. The board has black squares that are slightly raised over their white counterparts. All squares have peg holes to hold the pieces.
Travel OrganizerWallet with three compartments--top flap with tab closure, six tabbed compartments for paper money, and a removable credit/business card file. Also includes an inside zippered compartment and a retractable wrist strap. Made of burgundy leather.
TTR-200 Sony 2/4 Track PlayerHand-held tape player and recorder that incorporates variable speed control and AC adapter capability. Model features: 2 speed; 2- and 4-track playback; 2-speed, 2-track recording; variable speed control for 30% faster and 20% slower playback; cue and review, built-in speaker and microphone; earphone and microphone jacks. Sony headphones included. Operates on two AA batteries or AC adaptor (not included). Cassette instructions included.
TTR-30 Sony 2/4 Track PlayerCombines true high-fidelity stereo listening with all the NLS format functions. Model features: 2 speed; 2- and 4-track or true stereo playback; 2 speed, 2-track recording in stereo; variable speed control for 30% faster and 20% slower playback; cue and review; built-in mono speaker and microphone; stereo earphone and microphone jacks. Sony headphones and external stereo microphone included. Operates on two AA batteries or AC adaptor (not included). Cassette instructions included.
Typoscope 3 1/2" x 5"Heavy plastic reading guide with two windows—one for narrow (2¾”) and the other for wider (4.75) columns. Windows show only the lines of print being read to reduce distraction from the rest of the page. Order Typoscope 3 1/2" x 5" from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Vocally--Voice Activated DialerVoice-activated telephone dialer that stores up to 60 names and numbers.
Voice-It-AllThree-in-one unit that includes a money identifier, color identifier, and voice recorder. The talking money identifier reads and announces $1, $5, $20, $50, and $100 bills. The talking color identifier reads and announces most colors. Has a built-in recorder with over two hours of storage capacity and indexing capability. Uses a standard 9-volt battery (included). Also available with a Euro currency reader.
VoiLa Talking Label ScannerThe VoiLa can be used to identify items that are not distinguishable by their different tactile characteristics. By attaching one of the 50 supplied labels, each of which has a different pattern of stripes on it, and recording a description of the item into the VoiLa, an optical sensor in the unit's tip reads the bar code when the sensor is passed over the label. Additional labels can be purchased or labels can be reused, if they are attached with magnetic tape or Velcro. VoiLa is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) and has flash memory. A headphone or mini-speaker can be connected by the jack on top of the unit. It measures a small 6 inches x 1.5 x 1 and weighs only 3.6 ounces. Cassette and print instructions included. Voila has a total of 12 minutes of recording time.
VOXCOM IIIDevice for recording messages to identify items, such as medication, clothing, food, household items. Sturdy, re-recordable credit card-sized plastic cards are inserted in the device while holding the button on the side of unit and recording the name of an item after a click is heard. The cards can then be attached to the appropriate items. To playback recorded message, card is inserted into the device, which reads the message. Uses one 9-volt battery (included).
WCIB Alum Rigid Cane Curved HandleHeavy duty, yet light, rigid aluminum canes. This model has a putter balance, rubberized grip handle. These are white canes with the standard red band at the base. They come in 2 inch increments from 36 to 60 inches.
Wilson Digital Voice RecorderThe Wilson is a digital voice recorder that is simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and made from high-quality components. Use this recorder to record and play shopping lists, reminders, to-do lists, notes, appointments, messages, lectures, directions, and audio instructions. Inexpensive, simple to use, and constructed from solid components. It is designed to be your recordable companion. Product Features: *Up to 8 hours of continuous recording time *Download messages to your computer - USB cable included *Will store multiple messages *Volume control *Clips to belts, visors, and purses *Requires two (2) AAA batteries (NI) 137 Rano Street Buffalo, NY 14207
Wire Loop Needle ThreaderAn aid for those who cannot thread a sewing needle easily.

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