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Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
7 Day Pill Reminder JumboLarge pill compartments for each day of the week.
Advocate Talking Blood Glucose MonitorBlood glucose monitor that uses only 0.6 microliters of blood and provides results in six seconds. Has a 1.75" x -1.36" inch monochrome display screen, recorded human speech and only three control buttons.
Deluxe Auto-Inflate Low Vision Blood Pressure MonitorAccurate and simple to use. Auto-inflating cuff, cycling to preset deflation, giant LCD display, push button operation and pulse meter. Kit includes cuff, monitor unit, carrying case, recording charts, and instructions.
Digi-VoiceVoice module that plugs into the data port of a blood glucose monitor and announces what appears on the display, including prompts, error messages, and readings. Spanish or French available on some models. May be programmed to work with the Lifescan Basic and Lifescan Sure Step blood glucose monitors.
Eye Drop GuideThe eye drop guide holds the eye open and directs the drop, allowing for accurate doses of medicine. It is easily attached to any eye drop bottle. The attached cap closes bottle when not in use. The guide is reusable after cleaning.
EZ Open 7 Day MediPlanner Pill OrganizerEasy to open and color-coded bins for easy pill usage.
Ezy Dose Remind N' Time 7-Day Pill ReminderSimple and easy to use. Automatic repeating time can be set at 1-12 hour intervals. Green light flashes to show time is on and counting. Red light flashes and alarm sounds when set time intervals reached - indicating to take your medication. Adult lock feature is child determent. Pill box organizes your medication for the whole week. Pill box is brailled; haslarge lettering for days of the week.
Lumiscope Talking Digital Ear ThermometerThermometer that also functions as a tabletop clock and calendar. It measures body temperature from the ear in one second, speaks the reading aloud, and displays it for about one minute before returning to clock mode. Includes 30-memory recall with date and probe covers. Digital display shuts off automatically three minutes after the last key press. May be switched between F and C; IR temperature sensor. Has a measuring range of 89.6° to 109.3°. Folding design allows for easy storage.
OneTouch(r) Basic Talking Blood Glucose MonitorTalking blood glucose monitor with a three-step testing system and a 75-test memory. Has a large easy-to-read display that shows accurate readings in 45 seconds. Uses two AAA batteries. Talking module fits under meter. Comes with carrying case and 10 lancets. Test strips sold separately.
Oregon Scientific-Talking Heart Rate Monitor With FM RadioHeart rate monitor with voice prompts to guide user through the set-up and announces workout updates—heart rate readings, calories burned, heart rate alert. Comes with a stopwatch, exercise timer and memory, and FM radio feature. Includes collapsible headphones and batteries (3CR2032).
Phoenix Talking ScaleTalking scale that displays weights via a digital LCD display with numbers in a thick black font set against a dark greenish background. Numbers measure a little less than an inch in height. Can calculate weights in either pounds or kilograms. Uses one 9-volt battery (included).
Prodigy Talking Blood Glucose MonitorTalking blood glucose monitor that uses only 0.6 microliters of blood and provides results in six seconds. Includes everything needed to start testing--control solution, 10 Prodigy™ strips, 10 sterile lancets, lancing device (with clear cap), and carrying case. Order Prodigy Talking Blood Glucose Monitor from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Prodigy VoiceSmall, very accessible blood glucose monitor. Includes digitized human speech and announces readings in 5 seconds.
Reizen Bilingual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor KitFully automatic blood pressure monitor kit with audio and large LCD digital readouts. One-step auto inflation and automatic shut-off. Measures blood pressure and pulse with the press of a button. Choice of English or Spanish spoken readout. Medium cuff, carry case, AC adaptor, and earpiece included. Uses four AA batteries (included). FDA approved.
Rex-The Talking BottleMedicine bottle with a special recorder microphone that allows the user to record the medication use information directly into the bottle. To playback the recorded information, users simply press a button on the base of the bottle and listen to the message.
ScripTalk Station Prescription reader that reads information by reading smart labels with store prescription information provided by the pharmacist. ScripTalk Station uses RFID and text-to-speech technology. A thin antennae and microchip embedded within the label are programmed with all the printed information. Because the data is stored in the label itself, it can be used on any size bottle, box, vial, tube or other prescription container.
Superior Talking ScaleScale with audio and large digital readouts. Large platform measures 14.5” x 11” and is ridged and textured to prevent slipping and sliding. Accurate to within 1% of actual weight, and measures weights of up to 400 lbs (or 200 kg) in .2 lb increments. Order Superior Talking Scale from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Blood Pressure MeterBlood pressure meter that announces blood pressure and pulse rate. Arm cuff inflates and deflates automatically. Kit includes meter with standard adult-size arm cuff (fits circumference 7.5 to 12.5 inches). Independent Living Aids
Talking Clinical Thermometer (Spanish)Thermometer with LCD and audio temperature announcement in Spanish. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Talking Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorBlood pressure monitor with large LCD display and audio output of reading, plus the date and time. May be used by two people to monitor and track blood pressure readings. Saves up to 60 readings.
Tel-RX Talking Prescription RecorderRecord the prescription number, date filled, the doctor's instructions, and what the drug is used for. Just attach the Tel-RX to any size prescription bottle. Includes ties and 20 bands. Has a 20 second recording time. Uses four AG13 alkaline batteries.
Timex Weekly Medication SystemTime to take your pill! All-in-one system features easy-to-use pill dispenser with your choice of alarm: voice, beeping or visual. The alarms are extremely helpful for busy, forgetful people or the hearing impaired. Four programmable dosage time settings and missed pill alert prevents missed doses. Holds up to four doses per day. Pill case is easy to open and closes with the touch of a finger. Great for people with arthritis or limited dexterity. Numbers on cover help eliminate dosage errors. Uses 2 AAA batteries, not included and 2 LR44 batteries, included. Weekly Medication System can be placed on a flat surface or wall mounted with included screw packet.
UA-767T Talking Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure MonitorLifeSource® adds the convenience of an audio announcement of measurement results to the popular One Step Auto-Inflation monitor. The cuff is automatically inflated at the touch of a button. When the measurement is complete, blood pressure and pulse are clearly heard as they are displayed, offering independent monitoring to those who prefer audio results in addition to digitally displayed results. The unit shuts off automatically after four announcements of the measurement or may be stopped at any time by pressing the start button. A jack for headphones (not included) enhances privacy and convenience. The 16mm digital display makes this monitor easy to read and offers a unique simultaneous readout of systolic and diastolic pressure, and pulse. This monitor is available in a medium cuff size (large and small cuffs are available separately). A large print instruction guide and quick start card are clearly written in English, French and Spanish. A special audio manual and Braille instruction guide are available from LifeSource® upon request.

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