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Speech Synthesizers

Speech synthesizers are text-to-speech systems used with computers. It can be a card that is inserted into the computer, a box attached to the computer by a cable, or software that works with the computer's sound card. Speech synthesizers are programmed to include all the phonemes and grammatical rules of a language, allowing words to be pronounced correctly although names and compound words can cause problems because they often contain unusual spellings and letter combinations. Some synthetic speech sounds robotic; however, more and more new products sound almost human. Prices range from approximately $150 to $1,000, and software synthesizers are routinely included with the purchase of a screen reader.

11 Products in Category

Product Table

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
DECtalk Access32 A speech synthesizer that uses the sound card in a computer instead of requiring dedicated hardware.
DECtalk Express A basic portable synthesizer with internal NICAD batteries. It can be connected to any PC or compatible laptop computer via a serial interface. A battery charger, carrying case and headphones are included.
DECtalk PC2 Plugs into an ISA slot in a PC compatible desk top computer. Software drivers must be loaded at power up. Includes headphones and an external speaker.
DECtalk USBThe DECtalk USB is a compliant full-speed USB device that starts and stops quickly and can meet the demands of any screen access program. This is a fully programmable device and can receive firmware updates while in the field. The DECtalk USB is fully configurable to meet your listening needs including: 9 predefined voices, 140 volume levels, 75-650 words per minute, and Numerous unique pitches.
DoubleTalk DoubleTalk is designed for the Apple IIe and IIgs. It works with programs written for the Slotbuster II and Echo synthesizers, including AppleWorks. The text-to-speech synthesizer can also be accessed as a "talking printer" with standard printer commands.
DoubleTalk LT A portable text-to-speech synthesizer that can be connected to a desktop or laptop computer equipped with an RS-232 serial port. It operates from a 9-volt alkaline battery or AC wall adapter (included). Size: 5.3" x 4.0" x 1.5".
DoubleTalk PC An 8-bit stack-through card for PC/104-based embedded systems. It features 5V-only operation and low power consumption; speaker, line, and voice synchronization signals are brought out to a six pin connector.
EloquenceA multilingual, software speech synthesizer that is available free along with both the JAWS for Windows and Window-Eyes screen readers.
Microsoft Speech EngineSoftware speech synthesizer developed by Microsoft.
TexTALK for WindowsA program that reads text, Microsoft Word and other types of documents, as well as typed text.
TripleTalk USB Mini(New)The TripleTalk USB Mini, referred to as the "TripleTalk Mini", is the smallest hardware text to speech synthesizer on the market. This TripleTalk Mini literally fits in the palm of your hand and was designed for people on the go. It is a compliant full speed USB device that converts standard ASCII text into audible speech output. Audio output is delivered via an onboard 1.4" speaker or a 1/8" stereo headphone jack. Volume levels may be adjusted either by a side mounted slider or by software control. The TripleTalk Mini support English and Spanish languages. This device is fully powered via the USB bus and requires no batteries or external power adapters. With an on board 8k byte flashable EPROM, the TripleTalk Mini is a fully programmable device that can receive firmware updates while in the field. The TripleTalk Mini is fully configurable to meet your listening needs including: 11 predefined voices, 10 volume levels, 10 different speeds, and 100 unique pitches

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