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DeafBlind CommunicatorConsists of two components, a BrailleNote with Braille display and either a standard or Braille keyboard and special DB software, and the DBC Companion phone. These two separate units communicate wirelessly with each other using Bluetooth technology. The BrailleNote also has special software built into it that enables it to operate as a TTY when connected to a telephone landline. The BrailleNote and the DBC Companion are used together to allow Face-to-Face communication with a sighted person.
Face to Face Deaf-Blind Communications SolutionWith Face to Face installed on a PAC Mate BX or QX, a person who is deaf-blind can communicate wirelessly with a sighted person in the same room. The sighted person uses the Face to Face bundle’s iPAQ, on which the Face to Face application is installed. The deaf-blind person uses a PAC Mate and braille display to send and receive written conversation. Communication is also possible with someone who is blind and runs the application on another PAC Mate. Users type what they want to say. Their text, as well as responses, appear on the braille display as contracted or uncontracted braille.
FSTTYThe FSTTY package includes a TTY modem and power supply, the FSTTY application CD, a serial cable, a CompactFlash®-to serial-adapter, a telephone cable, and leather carry case.

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