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JBliss Low Vision Systems

4 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
A simplified version of VIP which can be operated with a 4-button trackball or number keypad. Can be set up to scan and save a single page or up to 10 pages, with saved pages replaced one-by-one with successive scans. Has same reading view and voice, color, font, size, spacing options and online and keypad help as VIP. Scans text and pictures.
PnC Net
Enlarges web pages and speaks the text, including links. Large pointer. Link lists can be displayed at the top of a page or the user can tab through links. Easy menu setup options include displaying images but not enlarging them proportionate to text, choices in text and background color, font, size and voice options. If cannot speak or enlarge a web site, displays text in large print and speaks (without links or images). Web page is searchable. Speaks and enlarges pdf files. Simple “pick and click” menus for all functions; also has hot keys to bypass menus. Supports common Internet Explorer commands. Includes searchable help file.
Scans and automatically converts text into the user-selected type font and letter size, 9 voice options, letter spacing, colors, and reading view. Once configured, ezVIP operation is performed with number keypad and keyboard. Text is also spoken in 2 of the 4 reading views (Word Wrap and RSVP). Reading views include: Word Wrap fills the screen with text; RSVP displays one word at a time; Marquee smoothly scrolls a single line across the screen; ImageView shows you the original page and a magnified line of text scrolling beneath it. Also scans and saves pictures which can be enlarged. Online help and one-key keypad help (voiced and large print) – intuitive on-screen “buttons” identify keypad keys to be used. Scanned text can be edited. Can be used with CCTV with PC connection to display split screen camera image and VIP word processor text.
VIP Version 2.6

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