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14 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Cleareader Basic
The Optelec ClearReader+ Basic brings portability, simplicity and a sleek design to text-to-speech and OCR reading and scanning devices. The multilingual and AC Powered ClearReader+ Basic allows a user who is blind or visually impaired to scan and read aloud magazines, books, or receipts within a matter of seconds. A high quality and reliable speech output in natural sounding voices make it possible to rediscover the joys of reading anytime and anywhere with the Optelec ClearReader+ Basic. Order Cleareader Basic from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Lightweight, flexible CCTV designed for those who use a laptop or are simply in need of a magnification device. Offers 3x to 46x magnification and full-screen reading and writing capability.
Clearview C
The unique design of the ClearView C provides you with more working space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper, enjoy craftwork or write a cheque without being restricted in movement. Reading from top to bottom Thanks to the innovative design of the ClearView C you naturally start to read at the top of a page, and then continue all the way down till you reach the bottom of the page. You will no longer pull the reading table into your stomach when you navigate to the top of the document. This is unique among desktop video magnifiers. Choose for comfort and design The ClearView C is designed to increase your reading comfort and to match the interior of your home. It looks modern and stylish so it perfectly fits your living room. More working space The ClearView s C-shaped design provides you with more working space. This helps you to do your hobbies and to read your favorite newspaper without being limited in your movements. From basic to powerful options Whether you prefer simple or advanced options, the ClearView C offers both. Would you like to use reading lines, adjust the contrast or enable the writing mode. Just reverse the Control Pad and enjoy powerful advanced functions. This electronic video magnifier comes with the 24" HD monitor and standard camera. The optional 24" HD monitor with full HD camera and OCR module can be purchased separately.Order Clearview C from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Offers three monitor options—full-color 17" TFT monitor, full-color 17" CRT monitor, or a black-and-white 17" CRT monitor—with the additional option of computer compatibility. Multimedia
ClearView+ Speech HD
Desktop video magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-speech technology. Read/view magnified text/images or listen to text read by synthesized speech and view each word highlighted as it is spoken.
ClearView+ Speech Module
Does reading your newspaper or favorite book become too tiresome with a video magnifier? Do you lose time searching through text? Now enjoy the Optelec ClearView+ Speech, a completely new approach for the integration of OCR and text-to-speech technology in a desktop video magnifier. Just sit back, relax, and listen to any printed documents as they are read aloud.
ClearView+ Speech True Color
Desktop video magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-speech technology. Read/view magnified text/images or listen to text read by synthesized speech and view each word highlighted as it is spoken.
Compact 4 HD
The Optelec Compact 4 HD is the first High Definition video magnifier that uniquely combines all the benefits of a hand-held and dome magnifier in a single design for a comfortable reading experience.Order Compact 4 HD from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Compact 5 HD
Experience a revolutionary breakthrough in electronic hand-held low vision technology with the Optelec Compact 5 HD portable video magnifier. Features include: Continuous zoom: 1.5x to 18x times magnification. 8 megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera for superior images. 5-inch full color TFT widescreen display with pocket-sized dimensions. 16 high contrast colors to reduce eye strain. Low vision large icon menu with the ability to customize settings per user. Ergonomic design with two reading positions. Innovative lighting system to reduce glare and light from glossy documents from magazines, price tags and displays. Snapshot feature with audio indication sounds. Rechargeable battery offering an average of 3 hours continuous use. Carrieing case and wrist strap (included). Order Compact 5 HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimedia
Compact 7 HD
The Optelec Compact 7 HD is a portable 7-inch widescreen electronic video magnifier with High Definition image quality, extreme simplicity and an attractive style. Integrating the largest screen available in the Optelec Compact product family, it is still small enough to easily carry from one location to another. Order Compact 7 HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimedia
Compact Mini
Small hand-held pocket model video magnifier
Compact Touch HD
Portable hand-held video magnifier with touch screen controls.
Small, portable unit which displays text in true color, black and white and reverse. Also offers blue/yellow and black/yellow options for easier discrimination.
The Traveller
Lightweight, portable, battery-operated flat-screen video magnifier with two parts--the screen portion and the base--connected by a hinge, which allows the user to angle the screen or to open up the device completely and place it upright. Controls are located under the screen.

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