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3 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Bank Note Reader (B.N.R.)
Designed to assist visually impaired, blind, and deaf-blind people identify Canadian bank notes. It recognizes all Canadian bank notes currently in circulation and those expected to be in circulation over the next few years. Its two-tone colouring provides high contrast in the areas that matter. The user may select an appropriate output mode from bilingual-speech, tone or vibration, allowing for different levels of discretion when operated in public. There is a volume control for speech and tone announcements as well as a standard headphone jack. People who reside outside of Canada who are interested in obtaining this product should contact Brytech directly for special pricing. The product is distributed to all Blind/Visually Impaired Canadians for free through their local CNIB office.
Color Teller
A compact, portable, easy-to-use talking color identifier that enables people who are blind or have a color vision impairment to determine the color of materials and objects. Used for matching clothes, access color-coded products for easy identification, and other activities involving color.
Note Teller2
A portable banknote reader that announces all U.S. currency, old and new, in either English or Spanish. You insert the currency in a slot provided on the front panel of the unit, then push it in for the currency to be recognize by the unit. The announcement of the currency value is made in a clear male voice. A version of the Note Teller is also available for deaf-blind individuals—meaning that vibro-tactile indication is provided to identify specific currencies.

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