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Henter Math

2 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Virtual Pencil Algebra
Provides speech output that allows the user to read, navigate and manipulate Algebraic equations. Teachers can write and password-protect assignments.
Virtual Pencil Arithmetic
Computer software that is used to interactively solve math problems. It is designed for those who are pencil mpaired: unable to operate a pencil effectively. This is not a tutorial, although tutorial mode is part of the package. It moves to the right spot on the "paper," guided by the user, and inputs the answers that the user selects. When used with a screen reader, the numbers and actions are read out loud, or displayed in braille. The math problem is displayed on the screen, one number above the other with digits lined up in vertical columns. The Tutor tells the student where he is in the problem, what steps need to be done to solve it, and will even do the navigating and provide the answer. In test mode the student does not have the help provided by the tutor, extended tutor or next step features. He or she must know how to navigate around the problem, where to read the digits in the intermediate steps, and where to put the answers. Just like using a pencil. Teachers can create an assignment, password protect it, and then send it to the student via e-mail, save it to a diskette, save it to the hard drive, or print it or emboss it. When e-mailing it or saving it, the password will stay with the assignment file wherever it goes. This is designed to prevent students from switching from test mode to tutor mode, so the test results will be valid. When an assignment or test is created in Virtual Pencil, the same file can be printed-out for the able-bodied students in the class, saving the teacher a lot of time.

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