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2 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Nuance TALKS
Runs on the Symbian operating system found on several Nokia and other cell phones and the Windows Mobile operating system. Uses the ETI Eloquence or RealSpeak software speech synthesizers to provide access to many features on cell phones on which it is installed.
Nuance ZOOMS
magnifies the content of mobile handset displays and enables people with low vision to navigate through the screen and make use of all of their phone's functions. It uses the complete screen area for magnification. Users can move the Nuance ZOOMS magnifier across the screen to enlarge elements and intelligently access different screen areas. Using Nuance ZOOMS' full screen magnification capability, the user can magnify the entire screen area to view its contents at up to 16 times its original size.

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