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Reinecker Reha-Technik

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Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Handheld video magnifier that consists of a handheld camera unit with a desktop TFT (thin film transistor) monitor. The camera unit can also be connected to a personal computer. The system also comes with a handwriting stand that holds the camera unit. When the camera is connected to a PC, pressing a button causes the monitor to switch between the PC-image and the handheld camera image.
Video magnifier with full high-definition camera that can magnify text, pictures or objects from 1x to 100x. LVHD-technology guarantees high-contrast and flicker-free pictures in full HD+ quality and the unique N.E.L.E technology (Natural-Evolutional-Light-Experience) minimizes reflections and shadows. The high-tech LED flat screen monitor is available in three different sizes. Two different operating boards (one button or three buttons) assure easy operation. The freely movable x-y table, with friction brake in both directions, vertically and horizontally, allows for easy positioning of texts, pictures or objects.Order VEO HD CCTV from The Chicago Lighthouse Store

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