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4 Products for Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
The Aria is a portable palmtop device with a braille keyboard and voice output. It can be connected to other computers via its serial port or an external modem.
Braille Master
Translates printed text to braille and sends it directly to an embosser or a braille file. Available in Windows and two DOS
C2 Talking Compass
A miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point compass with digitized voice output in a semi-transparent light-blue enclosure. At the top there is the speaker and the activation button. A three-position slide switch on the side is used to switch the compass off (central position) and select one of the two built-in languages or voices.Order C2 Talking Compass from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Simon Reading Machine
New version of the Pronto stand-alone reading machine with a flatbed scanner. Has two commands (start and stop), three voice settings (volume, speed and pitch), and easy-to-remember text navigation cursor

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