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Taking Physical Measurements

45 Products for Task

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
25-Foot Tactile Tape Measure
Holes mark every 6 inches on the tape measure and a 6 inch ruler is attached to the bottom of the tape measure. The attached ruler has raised lines at every 1/8 inch, and raised and brailled numbers. To measure, the user pulls out the tape, determines the length on the tape measure by counting the number of holes and multiplying by 6 inches and adds the distance from the attached ruler.
This scale Weighs in lbs. The Voice may be selected to speak ounces as well.
Advocate Talking Blood Glucose Monitor
Blood glucose monitor that uses only 0.6 microliters of blood and provides results in six seconds. Has a 1.75" x -1.36" inch monochrome display screen, recorded human speech and only three control buttons.
Audible Stud Finder
Pass this device along a wall while depressing the side button and it will beep when it locates any wooden stud. Uses one "9 Volt" battery.
Braille Low Vision Ruler
Braille an tactile symbols overlay 1/2" large black numbers to make this plastic ruler indispensable to anyone with a vision problem.Order Braille Low Vision Ruler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Ruler, Metal
12-inch metal braille ruler with tactile markings every quarter
Braille Yardstick
Metal yardstick embossed in inches. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
C2 Talking Compass
A miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point compass with digitized voice output in a semi-transparent light-blue enclosure. At the top there is the speaker and the activation button. A three-position slide switch on the side is used to switch the compass off (central position) and select one of the two built-in languages or voices.Order C2 Talking Compass from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Deluxe Auto-Inflate Low Vision Blood Pressure Monitor
Accurate and simple to use. Auto-inflating cuff, cycling to preset deflation, giant LCD display, push button operation and pulse meter. Kit includes cuff, monitor unit, carrying case, recording charts, and instructions.
Detecto Low Vision Scale
Weighing scale with a 36" high post with a jumbo dial.
Voice module that plugs into the data port of a blood glucose monitor and announces what appears on the display, including prompts, error messages, and readings. Spanish or French available on some models. May be programmed to work with the Lifescan Basic and Lifescan Sure Step blood glucose
Fiberglass Measuring Tape
Standard large print markings with tactile indications. One small hole every 1/2" and a larger hole at every 1". Double holes every 12". Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Food Service Thermometer is Captek-designed for steam table, refrigerator, and freezer.
Low Vision Bold Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer
White face with big and bold black numbers. 12" thermometer. Easy to mount. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
Low Vision Plastic Ruler
Bold black 1/2" high numbers on a snow white background.Order Low Vision Plastic Ruler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Magnifying Tablet Cutter
Place a pill in the holder to cut it exactly in half as the doctor ordered.
Oregon Scientific-Talking Heart Rate Monitor With FM Radio
Heart rate monitor with voice prompts to guide user through the set-up and announces workout updates—heart rate readings, calories burned, heart rate alert. Comes with a stopwatch, exercise timer and memory, and FM radio feature. Includes collapsible headphones and batteries (3CR2032).
Phoenix Talking Scale
Talking scale that displays weights via a digital LCD display with numbers in a thick black font set against a dark greenish background. Numbers measure a little less than an inch in height. Can calculate weights in either pounds or kilograms. Uses one 9-volt battery (included).
Prodigy Talking Blood Glucose Monitor
Talking blood glucose monitor that uses only 0.6 microliters of blood and provides results in six seconds. Includes everything needed to start testing--control solution, 10 Prodigy™ strips, 10 sterile lancets, lancing device (with clear cap), and carrying case.Order Prodigy Talking Blood Glucose Monitor from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Prodigy Voice
Small, very accessible blood glucose monitor. Includes digitized human speech and announces readings in 5 seconds.
Reizen Bilingual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor Kit
Fully automatic blood pressure monitor kit with audio and large LCD digital readouts. One-step auto inflation and automatic shut-off. Measures blood pressure and pulse with the press of a button. Choice of English or Spanish spoken readout. Medium cuff, carry case, AC adaptor, and earpiece included. Uses four AA batteries (included). FDA
Reizen Talking Digital Tire Gauge
Hear your tire pressure measurement clearly announced in English or Spanish. Pressing the gauge's red button turns it on and off. Pressure measurements are also displayed on easy-to-read LCD display.
Reizen Talking Weight Scale
Talking weight scale with automatic zero adjustment and volume control. Automatically turns on when user steps on its large platform and off when user steps off. Scale weight in pounds or kilos and measures up to 330 pounds. Comes in almond color. Uses 9-volt battery (included).
Say When - Liquid Level Indicator
Indicator with a sound alert when liquid level nears top of a glass or container. Uses 9-volt replacement battery.
Superior Talking Scale
Scale with audio and large digital readouts. Large platform measures 14.5” x 11” and is ridged and textured to prevent slipping and sliding. Accurate to within 1% of actual weight, and measures weights of up to 400 lbs (or 200 kg) in .2 lb increments.Order Superior Talking Scale from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tactile Braille Ruler
12 inch plastic ruler with ½” raised numbers and braille. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Talking Blood Pressure Meter
Blood pressure meter that announces blood pressure and pulse rate. Arm cuff inflates and deflates automatically. Kit includes meter with standard adult-size arm cuff (fits circumference 7.5 to 12.5 inches).Independent Living Aids
Talking Blood Pressure Meter
Blood pressure monitor with an arm cuff that inflates and deflates automatically and announces blood pressure and pulse rate. Kit includes meter with standard adult-size arm cuff that fits circumferences of 7½” to 12½”. Comes with large print and audio cassette instructions. Braille version available upon request.
Talking Clinical Thermometer
Accurate within 0.3 degrees in a temperature range of 90 degrees to 109.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The last recorded temperature stays in memory. A female voice announces the temperature.
Talking Clinical Thermometer (Spanish)
Thermometer with LCD and audio temperature announcement in Spanish. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
Talking Cooking Thermometer
Talking thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of meat or any other food item. When probe is inserted Start button is pressed, thermometer will say "Please Wait." After a short delay (less than 15 seconds), measured temperature is spoken in Fahrenheit degrees. Uses a 9-volt battery. Has a wide temperature range and may also be used to monitor cooler temperature, such as ice-bath, refrigerator, or the freezer.
Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Large dual display shows both indoor and outdoor temperatures and announces them at the push of a button.
Talking Kitchen Scale
Talking kitchen scale that accurately weighs (within 2%) up to 10 pounds in half-ounce steps. Features a large, secure bowl and non-slip feet. Easy to use and clean. Uses 9-volt battery or adaptor (not included).
Talking Measuring Jug
It gives the measurements either in ounces and pints or in liters and milliliters in a male British voice.
Talking Measuring Jug
A battery operated jug, that, at the press of a button, announces the volume of its contents either in ounces or pints or in liters and milliliters as fluid or solids. Measure liquid up to a maximum of two litres. The jug element is removable for easy cleaning. Adjustable volume with a male English voice. Supplied with battery (PP3 9v alkaline).
Talking Pedometer
Talking pedometer that tells you how user has walked or jogged. Includes a talking clock, digital music on/off, and a built-in FM radio, which uses the included headphone. Battery
Talking Pedometer
Announces steps, distance, and approximate calories burned. Also has a built-in alarm.Order Talking Pedometer from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Talking Tape Measure
Tape measure that speaks length measurements of up to 16 feet with a press of a button. Automatic shut-off and belt clip. Uses 9-volt battery (included). Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
Talking Tape Measure - Spanish
Spanish Speaking. Measures length up to 16 Feet. Just press the button and it announces the length. Automatic shut-off. Has a belt clip. A 9 volt battery (included). Also can be used in metric measurement. FREE case. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
Talking Thermometer
Thermometer that speaks the temperature of the meat in which it is inserted in 0.1ºF increments. With a range of -4ºF to 248ºF, it can also be used for other measuring needs, such as room or water
Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood pressure monitor with large LCD display and audio output of reading, plus the date and time. May be used by two people to monitor and track blood pressure readings. Saves up to 60 readings.
Tel-Temp Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Silver talking indoor/outdoor thermometer with hourly temperature announcement by a female voice from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius switch. Temperatures range from -58F to 158F. Operates on two AAA batteries (not included). Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
This talking timer announces the time periodically or at the push of a button. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
UA-767T Talking Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor
LifeSource® adds the convenience of an audio announcement of measurement results to the popular One Step Auto-Inflation monitor. The cuff is automatically inflated at the touch of a button. When the measurement is complete, blood pressure and pulse are clearly heard as they are displayed, offering independent monitoring to those who prefer audio results in addition to digitally displayed results. The unit shuts off automatically after four announcements of the measurement or may be stopped at any time by pressing the start button. A jack for headphones (not included) enhances privacy and convenience. The 16mm digital display makes this monitor easy to read and offers a unique simultaneous readout of systolic and diastolic pressure, and pulse. This monitor is available in a medium cuff size (large and small cuffs are available separately). A large print instruction guide and quick start card are clearly written in English, French and Spanish. A special audio manual and Braille instruction guide are available from LifeSource® upon
Videolevel Electronic Level
This level sounds when the surface is level or plumb. It is accurate to 1/16" over 8 feet. It also shows the degree of level through graphics on its small LCD display screen. Uses three LR44 or A76 batteries included.

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