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Participating in Recreational Activities

5 Products for Task

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
2.8x Sport Spectacles
A pair of binoculars designed for distance viewing that are worn like glasses, thus leaving the hands free. The lenses adjust to the distance between the eyes and the eye piece can be individually focused. Comes with a neck chain and carrying case.
Coil 2X Binocular System
Comfortable and lightweight binoculars with each lens able to be focused individually. Includes pouch and neck cord. Choice of tinted or clear lens. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
INFILA Automatic Needle Threader
Automatic needle threader designed for threading large or thin needles with a push of a button. May be used for single or double threading.
System Access Surfboard
Connects to the Internet using a standard phone line or Ethernet connection. Using the included microphone, users speak to the base unit to instruct it to perform its functions. Self-contained in a package about the size of a full PC keyboard. Smaller keypad is also available.
Wire Loop Needle Threader
An aid for those who cannot thread a sewing needle easily. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image

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