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Labeling and Marking

33 Products for Task

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
6dot Braille Label Maker
This is a Braille embossing label maker . The built in Braille keyboard enables users to simply type any text in any language they wish and the label maker embosses it exactly as typed. A standard QWERTY keyboard can be plugged in so friends and family can create labels even if they do not know Braille. The integral automatic cutter will cut and score the label, leaving a convenient peel-off tab that makes peeling the backing off the label easy. Features include: ◦ergonomically designed to be portable and easy to use anywhere ◦houses built in Braille Keyboard supports all grades of Braille in virtually every language ◦powered embossing for high quality Braille for accurate reading and a long life span ◦automatic scoring and cutting provides effortlessly clean label cuts without the need for scissors ◦QWERTY keyboard connectivity option enables people who cannot write Braille to generate labels ◦dual power options, AC/DC adapters or battery powering, extending the label making choices for users ◦uses standard 3/8 inch (9 millimeter) vinyl embossing label tape.
7 Day Pill Reminder Jumbo
Large pill compartments for each day of the week.
Accessories for Voila Label Scanner
Leather Case Vinyl Case Velcro Ties Magnets AA batteries (each sold separately) Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers
Small aluminum braille tags that can be sewn onto any piece of clothing with printed and brailled labels indicating color or print design (e.g., plaid or striped). Sold in packs of 100 tags. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Offers three monitor options—full-color 17" TFT monitor, full-color 17" CRT monitor, or a black-and-white 17" CRT monitor—with the additional option of computer compatibility. Multimedia
Click Pocket Money Brailler
Brailler for marking denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 in braille for easy identification. Simply insert edge of bill and squeeze. Fits on a key chain. Order Click Pocket Money Brailler from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreImage
Color Teller
A compact, portable, easy-to-use talking color identifier that enables people who are blind or have a color vision impairment to determine the color of materials and objects. Used for matching clothes, access color-coded products for easy identification, and other activities involving color.
Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Probe
Device for detecting colors and identifying sources, and distinguishing intensities and natural from artificial light. Speaks clearly at three volumes and has an earphone jack. Uses two AAA batteries and can be connected to a computer for downloading software updates. Designed to accommodate a cord.Order Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Probe from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
EZ Open 7 Day MediPlanner Pill Organizer
Easy to open and color-coded bins for easy pill usage.
Ezy Dose Remind N' Time 7-Day Pill Reminder
Simple and easy to use. Automatic repeating time can be set at 1-12 hour intervals. Green light flashes to show time is on and counting. Red light flashes and alarm sounds when set time intervals reached - indicating to take your medication. Adult lock feature is child determent. Pill box organizes your medication for the whole week. Pill box is brailled; haslarge lettering for days of the week.
Hi Mark Tactile Pens
3-D writing tool to create raised lines and dots. Dries to non-toxic plastic feeling finish. In black, white, or orange.
I.D. Mate Quest
i.d. mate Quest is a portable ?all-in-one? talking bar code scanner that aids visually or print impaired individuals with the identification of items via the product?s bar code or UPC. Using text-to-speech and digital voice recording technologies, it allows users to access an on-board database of product descriptions, along with a tailored set of recorded voice messages. Additional bar code labels are available to label any product or item that does not already have a bar code. Adhesive, tag, and clothing labels can be placed on nearly anything. Simply scan the bar code and add a voice recording. With i.d. mate Quest, you now have additional modes of identification and information access with wireless internet connectivity and an on-board camera. This provides for multiple features such as an extended database, currency identification, Skype video conferencing, and object recognition.
Buttons in various shapes to indicate color for identifying clothing. Comes in eight-color packages and primary range colors (black, white, red, green, yellow pink, blue and brown) and fashion range colors (grey, peach, cream, navy, mauve, turquoise, beige, and orange). Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Easy-to-use custom-made embosser for creating 3 1/2" x 2" braille business cards. Embosses up to 4 lines, 13 braille cells per line. Metal construction with acrylic base for one-hand operation.
KGS Electric Braille Labeller
This 4-pound Braille Labeler makes transparent single-line labels on strips 7, 15 or 25 Braille characters wide. Even with no Braille experience at all, in minutes you can label almost anything--hotel keys, signs, simple maps, cassettes, CD cases, vending machines, telephones and more--in durable braille. At the present time, the KGS Braille Labeler is, unfortunately, not accessible to users who cannot read the visual screen. Labeling materials have to be purchased separately.
Large Print Keyboard Labels (Black on White, Yellow, Green-Lower Case
Large print labels for standard IBM-compatible computer keyboards. Labels come in sets of three pages of 63 multi-colored, high-contrast stickers for a total of 189 stickers. Includes map to show where stickers go and a key for abbreviations and pictograms. Top row of numbers includes upper case characters as well. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aidssales@maxiaids.comImage
Matchmakers Clothing Identifiers
Clthing identifiers made of a plastic cover with raised dots bonded to a brass safety pin to prevent separation during laundering. There are 17 different patterns and 14 of each pattern. User counts the number of raised dots to match clothing, etc. Also useful for people with color blindness. Each marker is 1" long. Sold in package of 238
Math Window Braille Basic Math
Math Window is an easy to use math teaching tool utilizing magnetic tiles on a conveniently-sized work surface. It is portable and comes with its own carrying case. Math concepts are easier to understand using this tactile method of building and solving math problems. Tiles can be stored along the perimeter of the board or on our new attachable tile pallet (optional). The Braille Basic Math Kit provides the essentials for students to complete problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as fractions and decimals. This moveable Nemeth teaching system allows the student to quickly set problems and easily make changes. Braille Basic Math features include: Standard size Nemeth Code centered on each tile 1/2" square tiles, extra thick for ease of manipulation 11"x14" framed work surface Sturdy canvas carrying case with storage pocket Optional Algebra Add-on is available
Math Window Braille Geometry Kit
The Braille Geometry Kit will allow the student to work and solve geometric problems, as well as, graph them on the double-sided, framed work surface. This kit contains point markers for locating points and plotting squares to help the student accurately plot points on the graph. Wickki Stix? are used to connect the plotted points, forming line segments and curves, and to illustrate math functions. Tiles are stored on an attachable tile pallet to allow interchangeable use of both sides of the work surface. Braille Geometry Kit features include: Standard sized Nemeth Code centered on each tile 1/2" square tiles, extra thick for ease of manipulation 14"x16" double-sided work surface: one flat for working problems and the other with raised grid lines for graphing Sturdy canvas carrying case with storage pocket Attachable tile pallet to store tiles Pre-cut geometric shapes identified with Braille and print
Mixed Bump Dots
Eight different types of dots with ten of each for a total of 80 dots. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Mixed-Touch Dots
All five colors included in package. 64 dots per color: Black-White-Red-Yellow-Orange. 320 dots per package. Convenient and best way to save. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
PenFriend Audio Labeler
A Penfriend audio labeler from RNIB that allows users to easily record, and re-record, information onto self-adhesive labels. This small pen shaped recorder provides easy recognition sound and just four buttons in a simple identifiable pattern. Instantly play back the recordings - no computer required. Use the PenFriend to label food items, including freezer food and even add cooking instructions, film and music collections, organize household paperwork, record shopping lists or leave audio messages. Clothing that is dry cleaned can even be labeled. The PenFriend can also be used as a portable notetaker. You can record your message and keep track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook or in your diary. Order PenFriend Audio Labeler from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
An industrial-strength signmaker powered by compressed air, which stamps Braille in the shortest form possible (often only one word through thick, pliable materials with consistency for thousands of impressions). With Duxbury Braille Board software (sold separately) on a nearby PC, translate your message into correct grade 2 Braille. Then replicate the Braille in PrestoBraille's template with a special embossing pins provided by the manufacturer. Your message can be up to 30 characters long in the standard Library of Congress template and up to 24 characters long in the optional California ADA template.
Rex-The Talking Bottle
Medicine bottle with a special recorder microphone that allows the user to record the medication use information directly into the bottle. To playback the recorded information, users simply press a button on the base of the bottle and listen to the message.
Scans and reads the information on bar code labels. Combined with a compatible bar code reader, ScanTalker’s built-in database matches the bar code and speaks the name of the product, including packaged grocery items, health and beauty goods, and audio and video compact discs. ScanTalker also provides information found on the product label, such as preparation instructions and nutritional value. Manually add new entries to the database for unrecognized items. Operates with the PAC Mate BX and QX as well as the PAC Mate BNS and TNS.
ScripTalk Station
Prescription reader that reads information by reading smart labels with store prescription information provided by the pharmacist. ScripTalk Station uses RFID and text-to-speech technology. A thin antennae and microchip embedded within the label are programmed with all the printed information. Because the data is stored in the label itself, it can be used on any size bottle, box, vial, tube or other prescription container.
Striped Warning Tape
Designed to mark ramps, stairs, floors, and anywhere there is heavy foot traffic. In black/white and black/yellow. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Talking Rx
Talking Rx is a voice output medication label reader and reminder device designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This system is a 60-second digital recording device that fits on the bottom of a 12-, 13-, or 16-dram prescription bottle. A doctor or pharmacist records prescription information and instructions into Talking Rx, and the user can then hear the recorded information and instructions by pushing a small red button. The device produces clear, audible voice playback at 80-85 decibels. Messages can be up to 60 seconds long, and each message can be played up to 150 times. To record a message, the doctor or pharmacist actuates a recessed record button inside the device using a stylus or paperclip. While holding the record button down, the physician or pharmacist records the message by speaking into Talking Rx. Talking Rx can be used over and over. The same Talking Rx can be used again for a different medication or prescription when the first one is finished. The device can also be used with insulin or eye drops. Talking Rx is water-resistant and ultrasonically welded for security. POWER: Uses three watch batteries. Order Talking Rx from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tel-RX Talking Prescription Recorder
Record the prescription number, date filled, the doctor's instructions, and what the drug is used for. Just attach the Tel-RX to any size prescription bottle. Includes ties and 20 bands. Has a 20 second recording time. Uses four AG13 alkaline batteries.
Timex Weekly Medication System
Time to take your pill! All-in-one system features easy-to-use pill dispenser with your choice of alarm: voice, beeping or visual. The alarms are extremely helpful for busy, forgetful people or the hearing impaired. Four programmable dosage time settings and missed pill alert prevents missed doses. Holds up to four doses per day. Pill case is easy to open and closes with the touch of a finger. Great for people with arthritis or limited dexterity. Numbers on cover help eliminate dosage errors. Uses 2 AAA batteries, not included and 2 LR44 batteries, included. Weekly Medication System can be placed on a flat surface or wall mounted with included screw packet.
Touch to See Identifiers
Labels designed for the blind or visually impaired. Letters and number are in bold and Braille. Includes 141 letters and 32 numbers.Order Touch to See Identifiers from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Voila Talking Label Reader
The VoiLa can be used to identify items that are not distinguishable by their different tactile characteristics. By attaching one of the 50 supplied labels, each of which has a different pattern of stripes on it, and recording a description of the item into the VoiLa, an optical sensor in the unit's tip reads the bar code when the sensor is passed over the label. Additional labels can be purchased or labels can be reused, if they are attached with magnetic tape or Velcro. VoiLa is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) and has flash memory. A headphone or mini-speaker can be connected by the jack on top of the unit. It measures a small 6 inches x 1.5 x 1 and weighs only 3.6 ounces. Cassette and print instructions included. Voila has a total of 12 minutes of recording time. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Device for recording messages to identify items, such as medication, clothing, food, household items. Sturdy, re-recordable credit card-sized plastic cards are inserted in the device while holding the button on the side of unit and recording the name of an item after a click is heard. The cards can then be attached to the appropriate items. To playback recorded message, card is inserted into the device, which reads the message. Uses one 9-volt battery (included). Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage

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