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27 Products for Task

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
12-Piece Measuring Set
Measuring cups and spoons with clear white letters and numbers on a dark background. Handles allow for a strong comfortable grip and for right- or left-hand use. Six cup sizes from 1/4 cup to one cup and six spoons from 1/8 teaspoon to one tablespoon. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
17" Matte Flame Retardant Oven Mitts
These oven mitts cover most of your arm, lessening the chance of burning yourself.Order 17" Matte Flame Retardant Oven Mitts from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Bacon Wave
A microwaveable bacon tray that makes bacon healthier by separating the bacon from the grease. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Boil Alert Disk
Boil Alert Disk
This clear disk alerts the chef when the pot's contents are boiling. Simply add the alert disk into the pot and wait for a rattle to tell you when it's boiling. This handy unit prevents boil over of spaghetti, rice, milk, sauce and etc..
Bold Print 2 Cup Measuring Cup
Measuring cup made of high-impact clear plastic with ounce, milliliter, and cup measurements in bold black numbers. Two-cup capacity with measurements starting at ¼ cup stenciled in black casing. Numbers in ounces and milliliters approximate 3/16 of an inch.
Braille Super Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Enable the blind and visually impaired to dine with self-confidence. Super shakers have braille and tactile marks below the ridge, which allow for precise selection without having to test the contents first.
Clear Plate Guard
Prevents food from being pushed off the plate. Fits plates with diameter of 9”-11”.
Cordless Can Opener
Cutter goes around the can by itself and automatically shuts off with no pressure. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Cutting Board with Pivot Knife
Ten-inch square cutting board mounted on four suction cups with a chef knife attached to it. Allows for chopping motion through an arc of 90 degrees. Knife can be removed for cleaning and sharpening.
Easi-Grip Kitchen Knives and Utensils
Stainless steel kitchen utensils set at 90 degrees from soft-feel plastic handles for comfortable grip and neutral stress-free position. Ideal for persons with arthritis, RSI, CTI or other conditions which weaken hands and wrists. Dishwasher safe.
Egg Separator
Separates the white from the yolk of a raw egg. Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
EZ Handy-Helper Cutting Board
Textured surface with stainless steel corner plate holds food in place. Odorless, sanitary, unbreakable and scratch resistant. In black or white Image courtesy of Maxi-Aids Image
Grill Alert® Talking Remote Meat Thermometer
A remote meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of grilling. Insert the stainless steel probes in the center of the meat, select the type of meat and how you would like it cooked and let this wireless remote cooking thermometer do the rest. You can relax knowing that you will not overcook your food! A voice prompt alerts you when your meat is "Almost Ready" and "Ready." It's one of the hottest accessible gifts you can give!
Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven Thermometer
No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready-this wireless thermometer verbally alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrées, choose the doneness desired and you’re good to grill.
Magna Wonder Knife
An all purpose knife with a stainless steel 8.25" scalloped-edge blade. A detachable guide cuts uniform slices of 1/16" to 1/2" thick. An outstanding knife that never needs to be sharpened. Made in Switzerland.
Metal Double Spatula
Double nylon spatula with an aluminum handle. Withstands temperatures of up to 240ĵF. Handles may be separated for single-spatula use. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Nylon Lettuce Knife
Serrated knife made of nylon which helps prevent food discoloration. Cuts lettuce, other vegetables, breads, and sandwiches. This lettuce Knife, Helps keep the person with visual Impairments have more control over the cutting process . Recommended for people who have a fear of cutting themselves or have medical problems such as diabetes, bleeding or are on certain medications. When injury from a common knife is a concern use a Nylon lettuce knife it will give you back security and control. More than just for lettuce cuts bread, veggies and most foods. Also won't brown lettuce. Features: * NEVER RUSTS, * CAKE DECORATOR * DISHWASHER SAFE *Color: Green, Red or Yellow .
Splatter Guard
Aluminum mesh helps prevent grease from splattering. Also allows steam to escape and the ability to add liquids with minimal splashing. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Sunbeam Hot-Shot Beverage Maker
In 90 seconds, get piping hot water for coffee, cocoa, soups, etc. Light signals you when ready. Heat 16 oz. at a time. Stainless steel tank.Order Sunbeam Hot-Shot Beverage Maker from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Tactile Low Vision Timer
Timer with bold, easy-to-read tactile numbers. Measures 8” in diameter with 1 ¼” numbers. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Tactile Meat Thermometer
Stainless steel meat thermometer marked tactually at each degree. Waterproof and dishwater safe. Square shape prevents it from rolling off countertop. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage
Talking Cooking Thermometer
Talking thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of meat or any other food item. When probe is inserted Start button is pressed, thermometer will say "Please Wait." After a short delay (less than 15 seconds), measured temperature is spoken in Fahrenheit degrees. Uses a 9-volt battery. Has a wide temperature range and may also be used to monitor cooler temperature, such as ice-bath, refrigerator, or the freezer.
Talking Measuring Jug
It gives the measurements either in ounces and pints or in liters and milliliters in a male British voice.
Talking Microwave Oven
A 1.1 cubic foot, 1000 watt microwave oven specially modified with a clear male voice to talk user through all operating functions. Has a built-in turntable for even heating and features a speaking count-down timer that can be used independently from the microwave to provide accurate timing for any purpose.
Talking Thermometer
Thermometer that speaks the temperature of the meat in which it is inserted in 0.1ºF increments. With a range of -4ºF to 248ºF, it can also be used for other measuring needs, such as room or water
Tomato/Vegetable Slicer
Gadget for evenly slicing tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. Image courtesy of Maxi-AidsImage

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