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AFB Online Banking Accessibility Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Banking and financial services are an important part of our everyday lives and here at AFB, we want to find out how well these institutions are meeting the needs of people with vision loss. Additionally, we want to be able to demonstrate to these same institutions that there is still more work to be done to improve online accessibility. The responses you provide will help AFB reach out to the banking industry to improve online accessibility.

People with vision loss use a variety of assistive technology including screenreaders and screen magnification.

Please fill in the name of one institution using the whole name and not the initials. You are welcome to complete the survey as many times as you would like using other banks or financial institutions.

Technology has made it possible for financial institutions to easily produce account statements in accessible formats such as large print, braille, accessible PDF, or even in audio formats. If you don't already know about these alternative formats, you should ask your institution if they offer this service.

On the websites of some banks, there is an accessibility page that lets customers know if the site has been optimized to work with assistive technology. Some institutions use this page to publish frequently asked questions or provide contact information for customers with disabilities.

Please give us a general indication of the accessibility of the website for daily tasks that you might perform when you log into your account. Very satisfied would indicate that the site is easy to use with your assistive technology and that you can perform tasks with no problems. Mostly satisfied would indicate that the site works pretty well with your assistive technology but there are a couple of tricky spots but you can perform some tasks. Mostly unsatisfied would indicate that the site does not work well with your assistive technology and you have a difficult time performing tasks. Very unsatisfied would indicate that the site is so inaccessible that you cannot perform any tasks.

There are many types of barriers that can make it difficult to use a banking website. Please select the one that gives you the most trouble on your bank's website.

Many financial institutions allow customers to download statements and other documentation in the PDF format instead of receiving paper copies in the mail. One of the major concerns for customers with vision loss is the accessibility of these PDF documents.

Almost all banks offer ATM's to their customers to perform transactions when the bank is not open. Some of these machines allow customers with vision loss the opportunity to plug in headphones and independently operate the machine.

Please give us an indication of how satisfied you are with the accessibility of the institution's outreach to customers with vision loss. Things to consider might include the accessibility of the website including availability of accessible PDF documents, the availability of alternative format documents such as account statements, and the availability of accessible talking ATM's.

It seems like there are banks on almost every corner and they are always competing for our business. Based on your satisfaction with your institution's accessible services, how likely is it that you would move your accounts based on the accessibility of the institution's accessibility?

Word of mouth marketing is very powerful and for people with vision loss, it might be the best indicator of how accessible a business is. Many people with vision loss communicate with one another or look to online resources to determine the accessibility of a company's website. How does your own institution stack up? Would you tell others with vision loss that they should move their accounts?

Here is your chance to really let us know how you feel about your bank or financial institution. Please be as specific as possible. You can include what type of computer you are using as well as what type of assistive technology.

We are always trying to address the needs of people with vision loss and appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Would you like to participate in additional AFB surveys? Please provide us with your email address. It will only be used to notify you of new AFB surveys. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise release your private information.

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