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Orientation and Mobility

Development and Evaluation of a Procedure to Assess Mobility Route Learning—Jon Magne Tellevik, Harald Martinsen, Magnar Storlilokken, and Bengt Elmerskog-print edition page(s) 197


Inferences and Word Associations of Children with Visual Impairments—Shirley R. Wyver, Rosalyn Markham, and Sonia Hlavacek-print edition page(s) 204


Students with Visual Impairment in Special and Mainstream Schools in Japan: A Survey—Toshibumi Kakizawa, Graeme Douglas, Kunio Kagawa, and Heather Mason-print edition page(s) 218

Research Notes

Initial Evaluations of Mainstream Personality Tests for Use with Visually Impaired Adults in Vocational Assessment and Guidance—Juliet Reid-print edition page(s) 229

Career Incentive Awards for Students with Visual Impairments: A Follow-Up—Susan Russello and Tana D'Allura-print edition page(s) 231


Editor's Page—print edition page(s) 195

Book Review

Journey to Excellence: Developing the Military and VA Blind Rehabilitation Programs in the 20th Century—Reviewed by Daniel Head-print edition page(s) 235

From the Field —print edition page(s) 236

News —print edition page(s) 242

Un-USABLE Data Report

A Compilation of Meaningful and Meaningless Typographical Errors on Blindness and Visual Impairment—Corinne Kirchner-print edition page(s) 243

Calendar —print edition page(s) 246

Classified —print edition page(s) 256

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