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Parenting Styles and Self-Esteem: A Study of Young Adults with Visual Impairments—Gina Cardinali and Tana D'Allura, print edition page(s) 261


Health-Related Fitness of Children Who Are Visually Impaired—Lauren J. Lieberman and Elaine McHugh, print edition page(s) 272


Determining Learning Disabilities in Students with Low Vision—Carol A. Layton and Robin H. Lock, print edition page(s) 288

Research Notes

Adaptation of a Test of Nonverbal Ability for the Vocational Assessment of Adults with Visual Impairments—Juliet M. V. Reid, print edition page(s) 300

The Experiences of Visually Impaired People in Sweden as Pedestrians and Cyclists—Jorgen Lundalv, print edition page(s) 302

The Tactics and Knowledge Representations Used by Blind Students in Learning from Texts—Ron Hoz and Asnat Alon, print edition page(s) 304


Editor's Page, print edition page(s) 259

Education Update

National Agenda Implementation in Action—Karen Wolffe, print edition page(s) 308

From the Field , print edition page(s) 310

News , print edition page(s) 316

Calendar , print edition page(s) 317

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