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Technology News for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
From the American Foundation for the Blind
 May 2001 Issue  Volume 2  Number 3
George Kerscher

Caption: "The move from tree books to e-books is inevitable," according to George Kerscher, chair of the Open E-Books Forum and pioneer in the field.

In This Issue . . .

Editor's Page

A New Look for the Book: Overview of Digital Talking Book Technology

Janina Sajka

Who Are the Players: Reviews of Hardware and Software Digital Talking Book Players

Product Evaluations of Plextor's PlexTalk, VisuAide's Victor Reader Pro, and Labyrinten Data's LP Player--Jay Leventhal and Richard Holborow

George Kerscher: A Pioneer in Digital Talking Books Still Forging Ahead

Deborah Kendrick

Questions and Answers: What Is Web-Braille?

Crista Earl

Internet Appliances That Use Computer Display Technology

Product Evaluations of Compaq's iPAQ, Netpliance's I-Opener, and eMachines' MSN Companion--Mark M. Uslan and Kevin Dusling



Entire Issue

Editor in Chief Jay D. Leventhal
Senior Contributing Editor Paul Schroeder
Contributing Editors Crista L. Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Sharon Shively
Marketing Manager Sharon Baker-Harris

AccessWorld, Copyright © 2002 American Foundation for the Blind. All rights reserved.

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