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Technology News for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
From the American Foundation for the Blind
 September 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 5

Letters to the Editor


Joe Lazzaro's article "An Introduction to Web Design" in the May issue of AccessWorld, was simply fantastic. Joe demystified Web design for me. He is a marvelous teacher.

Morgan Jones

What AccesssWorld Means to Me

I am a totally blind high school student, and I read AccessWorld regularly, and I must say that it is one of the best technology magazines that I have come across so far! Keep up the extremely good work! I love reading all of the different articles about cell phones, PAC-Mates, BrailleNotes, etc.! I think that you should do a comparison of the new BX, QX models of the PAC-Mates, and the current BrailleNotes. I think that this would be very interesting for current PAC-Mate users, BrailleNote users, and of course potential buyers!

I hope to keep reading AccessWorld forever! You don't know how helpful it is to the blind consumers, and technology buffs/geeks like myself! SMILE!

Kolby Garrison

The Editor responds:

It is great to know that high school students are reading AccessWorld, and that one of them considers herself a "technology buff/geek."

Easy and Convenient

I just wanted to say thanks for the Web-based AccessWorld. What an easy, convenient way to read this great magazine!

In the July 2004 issue, I especially enjoyed the articles "A Library in Your Hand" and "How Do I Read Thee?" and I would also enjoy an article on the Bookworm, a braille small reading device.

Thanks and keep up the good work!"

Beth from Virginia

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