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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

June 2006 • Volume 100 Number 6

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Journal of visual impairment and blindness

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Low Vision Simulators Plus VSRT (Pepper) Test LUV Reading Workbook

Cover image of a silhouette of a child with multicolored gears inside the head

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Cover of ECC Essentials with various icons representing the expanded core curriculum

A visually impaired student prepares to run in a track meet.

CVI Focus series of webinars now available! (Image of light board)

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Breaking News From the Field

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Celebrating 100 Years



Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and Mobility Content for Children and Youths: A Delphi Approach Pilot Study—Robert S. Wall Emerson and Anne L. Corn, print edition page(s) 331-342


Life Goals in Vision Rehabilitation: Are They Addressed and How?—Verena R. Cimarolli, Kathrin Boerner, and Shu-wen Wang, print edition page(s) 343-352

Listening Comprehension

The Effect of a Summarization-Based Cumulative Retelling Strategy on Listening Comprehension of College Students with Visual Impairments—A. Tuba Tuncer and Banu Altunay, print edition page(s) 353-365

Research Reports

The Self-concept of Spanish Young Adults with Retinitis Pigmentosa—Maria Dolores Lopez-Justicia and Inmaculada Nieto Cordoba, print edition page(s) 366-370

Changes in Patterns of Age-Related Visual Impairment in the Netherlands: A Comparison of Two Cohorts of Patients Referred to Rehabilitation Programs 10 Years Apart—Ger H. M. B. van Rens, Judith A. Lens, and Michael R. de Boer, print edition page(s) 370-375


Editor's Page, print edition page(s) 323

A Look Back

100 Years of Education—Jane N. Erin, print edition page(s) 325-330

Book Review

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Visual Impairment: Meeting Students' Learning Needs —Reviewed by Carol Seckington, print edition page(s) 377-378

From the Field, print edition page(s) 378-380

News, print edition page(s) 380-381

Calendar, print edition page(s) 381-384


Freedom Scientific Announces!


The TOPAZ Desktop Magnifier

Five models with more standard features:

* Camera only

* 15" or 17" CRT

* 17" or 19" LCD with adjustable height and viewing angle

* 2x to 70x magnification (1 9" screen)

* 28 screen color selections

* Auto Focus

* Focus Lock

* Position Locator

The SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance

* Press large, colorful buttons. SARA reads aloud in human-like voice

* Easy to use with no computer experience

* Accommodates many page sizes, from postcards to the telephone book

* Hear the voices of SARA: Visit www.sara-scanner.com

MAGic Screen Magnification

* 25 magnification levels from I x to 16x

* Speech option reduces eye fatigue by speaking screen information aloud

* Color functions eliminate glare and increase contrast

Freedom Scientific


Visit our Low Vision Web site www.low-vision-help.com


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Trekker (TM)

Trekker is a revolutionary ultra-light system that uses GPS and digital maps to help blind people find their way in urban and rural areas.

Trekker offers the visually impaired greater freedom, increasing their confidence in their ability to travel. It also helps them access and enjoy the most valuable and interesting opportunities that their surroundings have to offer.



To learn more about Trekker, contact Humanware: 1 800 722-3393 or (925) 680-7100

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The GuildScholar Program

A Scholarship for Visually Impaired High School Students

Open to all legally blind students entering their senior year of high school in September. Must be a US Citizen or legal resident, have an excellent academic record and have demonstrated school and community leadership.

Scholarships of up to $15,000 will be competitively awarded to qualified students. The GuildScholar application is online.

Please log on to www.jgb.org/guildscholar

For more information, contact Gordon Rovins at rovinsg@jgb.org

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NEW From AFB Press

Teaching Social Skills to Students with Visual Impairments: From Theory to Practice

Sharon Z. Sacks and Karen W. Wolffe, Editors




ASCII disk:



A Parents' Guide to Special Education Services for Children with Visual Impairments

Susan LaVenture, Editor




ASCII disk:



Proceedings of the Summit on Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment: Educational, Family, and Medical Perspective, April 30, 2005

Elizabeth Dennison and Amanda Hall Lueck, Editors

JUNE 2006






Tactile Strategies for Children Who Have Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities: Promoting Communication and Learning Skills

Deborah Chen and June E. Downing

JUNE 2006






Tactile Learning Strategies: Interacting with Children Who Have Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities

Deborah Chen and June E. Downing



VHS: 0-89128-821-X


APRIL 2006


DVD: 0-89128-822-8


AFB Press

American Foundation for the Blind


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