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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

April 2010 • Volume 104 Number 4

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Journal of visual impairment and blindness

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A visually impaired student prepares to run in a track meet.
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Orientation & Mobility

Teaching the Use of a Long Cane Step by Step: Suggestions for Progressive, Methodical Instruction

Dona Sauerburger and Eugene Bourquin

Visual Search Training and Obstacle Avoidance in Adults with Visual Impairments

Thomas Kuyk, Lei Liu, Jeffry Elliott, and Patti Fuhr


Could Specific Braille Reading Difficulties Result from Developmental Dyslexia?

Anneli Veispak and Pol Ghesquière

Practice Report

Contrast Sensitivity Function Scores, Choices of Illuminated Stand Magnifiers, and Reading

Earn CEUEarn 1 CEU!

Bryan Gerritsen

Around the World

Education for Students with Visual Impairments in Singapore: An Overview of Primary and Secondary Programs

Meng Ee Wong and Noel Kok Hwee Chia


Editor's Page

Practice Perspectives

Talking Turkey about Concept Development

Jane N. Erin

Talking Turkey: Teaching about North America's Greatest Conservation Story with Children with Visual Impairments

Tiffany Wild and Kathy Cabe Trundle

Book Review

God, Money, and Politics: English Attitudes to Blindness and Touch, from the Enlightenment to Integration, by Simon Hayhoe

Reviewed by Stuart H. Wittenstein

From the Field

JVIB Peer Reviewers



JVIB expresses its gratitude to the Council of Schools for the Blind for its sponsoring partnership in support of the journal in 2010.

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