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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

January-February 2016 • Volume 110 Number 1

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Journal of visual impairment and blindness

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Restoration of Vision Following Long-Term Blindness: Considerations for Providing Rehabilitation

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Duane R. Geruschat and Gislin Dagnelie


Improving Access to Accommodations: Reducing Political and Institutional Barriers for Canadian Postsecondary Students with Visual Impairments

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Christopher P. Ostrowski


The Accessibility of Multifunction Printers: An Updated Usability Study of Accessible Multifunction Printers and a Survey of Multifunction Printer Users with Vision Loss

Jaclyn Packer and William Reuschel

Digital versus Traditional: Secondary Students with Visual Impairments' Perceptions of a Digital Algebra Textbook

Emily C. Bouck, Pei-Lin Weng, and Rajiv Satsangi

Research Report

Travel in Adverse Winter Weather Conditions by Blind Pedestrians: Effect of Cane Tip Design on Travel on Snow

Dae Shik Kim, Robert Wall Emerson, and Eleni Gaves

Practice Perspectives

Shaping Successful Learning Through Feedback

Jane N. Erin

A Web-based Tutorial for the Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation

Gaylen Kapperman, Jodi A. Sticken, and Shannon Pruitt

Classroom Guitar and Students with Visual Impairments: A Positive Approach to Music Learning and Artistry

Jeremy M. Coleman


Editor's Page

Book Review

Burns Braille Guide: A Quick Reference to Unified English Braille, by Mary F. Burns

Reviewed by Tina Herzberg

Statistical Sidebar

P Values and Effect Size

Robert Wall Emerson

News From the Field


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