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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

March 2000 • Volume 94 Number 3

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Journal of visual impairment and blindness

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Breaking News From the Field

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Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired Persons in Separate and General Agencies—Brenda S. Cavenaugh, J. Martin Giesen, and Steven J. Pierce, print edition page(s) 133


A Comparison of Print and Braille Reading Rates on Three Reading Tasks—Robin Wetzel and Marie Knowlton, print edition page(s) 146


The Relationship Between Visual Impairment and Gestures—Melissa J. Frame, print edition page(s) 155

Research Note

Social Skills Assessment of Indian Children with Visual Impairments—Sushama Sharma, Jeff Sigafoos, and Annemaree Carroll, print edition page(s) 172


Editor's Page , print edition page(s) 131

From the Field , print edition page(s) 177

News , print edition page(s) 180

Technology Notes

Henter Joyce's JAWS for Windows and GW Micro's Window-Eyes—Crista L. Earl and Jay D. Leventhal, print edition page(s) 182

Optelec's ClearView 700 Video Magnifier—Mark M. Uslan and Gary Chan, print edition page(s) 183

Calendar , print edition page(s) 183

Classified , print edition page(s) 192

Correction , print edition page(s) 177

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