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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

September 2001 • Volume 95 Number 9

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Journal of visual impairment and blindness

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A visually impaired student prepares to run in a track meet.
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Special Issue on Distance Education


Distance Education in 2001-Kathleen Mary Huebner and William R. Wiener—print edition page(s) 517

The Status of Distance Education in Personnel Preparation Programs in Visual Impairment—Norma C. DeMario and Toni Heinze-print edition page(s) 525

Live and Online: A Year-round Training Program for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments in California—Amanda Hall Lueck-print edition page(s) 533

Online Instruction in Braille Code Skills for Preservice Teachers—Alan J. Koenig and Margaret C. Robinson-print edition page(s) 543


One Professor's Perspective: Preparing Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments at a Distance—L. Penny Rosenblum-print edition page(s) 558

Preparation of Teachers of Visually Impaired Students via Distance Education—Holly Cooper and Charlotte Hendrick Keefe-print edition page(s) 563

A Distance Education Program for Teachers of Children with Visual Impairments in the United Kingdom—Christine Arter, Mike McLinden, and Steve McCall-print edition page(s) 567

Distance Education for Master's Students with Visual Impairments: Technology and Support—Hal M. Cain and Zandria Merrill-print edition page(s) 572

The Hadley School for the Blind: A Pioneer in Providing Distance Education—Karen E. Wolffe-print edition page(s) 576


Guest Editorial —print edition page(s) 515

Book Review

The Imprisoned Guest and The Education of Laura Bridgman —Reviewed by Deborah Kent-print edition page(s) 581

From the Field —print edition page(s) 584

News —print edition page(s) 589

Calendar —print edition page(s) 591

JVIB extends a warm thank-you to the guest editors of this special issue for their scholarship and commitment: Kathleen Mary Huebner, Ph.D., Pennsylvania College of Optometry, and William R. Wiener, Ph.D., Western Michigan University.

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