July 2000 Issue  Volume 1  Number 4


Credit Card Device

The IC eCommerce unit, a product of U.S. Netcom (New York, USA), in conjunction with Keycorp (New South Wales, Australia), is a point-of-sale credit card device that is designed to provide equal access to credit card transactions to people who are blind or visually impaired. The device has high-contrast, raised-letter function keys, a large, high-contrast screen, and a speaker that gives verbal confirmation of PIN entry and purchase amount. Contact: Ron Katz, U.S. Netcom; phone: 516-676-0006; Web site: <www.chargeforcharity.com>.

Access at Adobe

Adobe Systems, with support from Microsoft Corporation, GW Micro, and Henter-Joyce, recently announced its intention to support the Microsoft Active Accessibility Application Programming Interface in future releases of Adobe Acrobat software for Windows, which includes Adobe Portable Document Format. Contact: Adobe Systems; Web site: <www.adobe.com>; or GW Micro; Web site: <www.gwmicro.com>.


Eschenbach Optik of America has partnered with Telesensory to distribute Telesensory's Aladdin Companion video magnifier. The partnership will involve joint marketing efforts in North America targeting eye care and rehabilitation professionals. Contact: Telesensory; phone: 408-616-8700; E-mail: <info@telesensory.com>; Web site: <www.telesensory.com>; or Eschenbach; phone: 203-438-7471; E-mail: <info@eschenbach.com>; Web site: <www.eschenbach.com>.

Voice Recognition for Math

MathTalk for the Visually Impaired is a mathematics program designed to convert voice commands into mathematical calculations and operates with ScientificNotebook, DragonDictate, Nemeth Braille Converter, JAWS for Windows, and refreshable braille devices. Contact: Metroplex Voice Computing; phone: 817-261-1658; E-mail: <mathtalk@onramp.net>; Web site: <www.mathtalk.com>.

Braille Scanning Software

Optical Braille Recognition (OBR) is a new Windows program that scans braille documents and converts them into print. It can scan single-and double-sided documents. Contact: Sighted Electronics; phone: 800-666-4883 or 201-767-3977; Web site: <www.sighted.com>.


Cake Talking is Dancing Dots' new tutorial for Cakewalk Pro Audio, software for creating music and sound on a computer. The tutorial costs $195 and operates with JAWS for Windows. Contact: Dancing Dots; phone: 610-783-6692; E-mail: <info@dancingdots.com>; Web site: <www.dancingdots.com>.

Verbal View of Word 2000 Tutorial is a generic tutorial for use with any screen reader. The cost is: cassette or standard print, $75; grade 2 braille or large print, $85; floppy disk, $45. For more information, contact: BRL, Inc; phone: 770-716-9222; Web site: <www.wyfiwyg.com>.


In conjunction with the Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute held in Dallas, TX in March 2000, AFB (American Foundation for the Blind) presented four Access Awards, which are given to people who strive to eliminate or reduce inequities faced by people who are blind or visually impaired. Among the recipients were: Dancing Dots, for its GOODFEEL braille music translation software; IBM Special Needs Systems, for its range of assistive technology products; and Pitney Bowes, Inc., for developing the Universal Access Copier System, a copier that uses assistive technology. Contact: AFB; phone: 212-502-7600; E-mail: <info@afb.net>; Web site: <www.afb.org>.

Staff changes

At Telesensory, Edward (Ned) Long is the new president. Marc Stenzel is the new vice president of sales. Contact: Telesensory; phone: 408-616-8700; E-mail: <info@telesensory.com>; Web site: <www.telesensory.com>.

At Arkenstone, Renee Clark is the new director of customer support. Maryanne Sember is the new manager of field sales. Contact: Arkenstone; phone: 800-444-4443; Web site: <www.arkenstone.org>.

Contact Changes

Blazie's Technical Support Department has changed its telephone number to: 561-223-6443; the department can still be reached by E-mail: <support@blazie.com>.

Pulse Data International has moved to: 351 Thorton Road, Suite 119, Lithia Springs, GA 30122; phone: 770-941-7200; fax: 770-941-7722; E-mail: <pdi_inc@mindspring.com>; Web site: <www.pulsedata.co.nz>.

ALVA Access Group has moved to: 436 14th Street, Suite 700, Oakland, CA 94612; phone: 510-923-6280; fax: 510-451-0878; E-mail: <info@aagi.com>; Web site: <www.aagi.com>.

Dancing Dots has moved to: 1754 Quarry Lane, P.O. Box 927, Valley Forge, PA 19482; phone: 610-783-6692; Web site: <www.dancingdots.com>.

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