January 2002 Issue  Volume 3  Number 1


January 10–12, 2002

Technology and Media (TAM) Division of the Council for Exceptional Children and Eastern Assistive Solutions with Technology (EAST) 2002 Conference.

Reston, VA.


Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities; phone: 703-993-3670; fax: 703-993-3681.

January 16–19, 2002

Assistive Technology Industry Association 2002 Conference and Exhibition.

Orlando, FL.


Assistive Technology Industry Association, 526 Davis Street, Suite 217, Evanston, IL 60201; phone: 877-687-2842; fax: 847-869-5689; e-mail: <atia@northshore.net>; web site: <www.atia.org>.

March 18–23, 2002

California State University at Northridge (CSUN) Center on Disabilities' 17th Annual International Conference.

Los Angeles, CA.


Center on Disabilities, CSUN; phone: 818-677-2578; e-mail: <ctrdis@csun.edu>; web site: <www.csun.edu/cod/conf2002/>.

June 29–July 6, 2002

American Council of the Blind's National Convention.

West Houston, TX.


American Council of the Blind; phone: 202-467-5081; e-mail: <info@acb.org>; web site: <www.afb.org>.

June 30–July 7, 2002

National Federation of the Blind's National Convention.

Louisville, KY.


National Federation of the Blind; phone: 410-659-9314; e-mail: <nfb@nfb.org>; web site: <www.nfb.org>.

July 8–10, 2002

Assets 2002: Fifth International Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computers and the Physically Handicapped Conference on Assistive Technologies.

Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference will address visual impairment.


Julie Jacko, Assets 2002 program chair; phone: 404-894-2342; e-mail: <jacko@isye.gatech.edu>.

July 22–25, 2002

Designing for Usability, Flexibility, and Accessibility.

Madison, WI. The workshop is for product developers or consultants in the information technology or telecommunications fields.


Kate Vanderheiden, Trace Research and Development Center; phone: 608-265-4621; fax: 608-262-8848; e-mail: <vanderk@trace.wisc.edu>; web site: <www.trace.wisc.edu>.

September 18–20, 2002

International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality, and Associated Technologies (ICDVRAT).

Veszprem, Hungary. The conference will address visual impairment.


ICDVRAT 2002, Professor Paul M. Sharkey; phone: 011-44-118-931-67-04; e-mail: <p.m.sharkey@reading.ac.uk>.

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