May 2002 Issue  Volume 3  Number 3

Caption: Photo on cover of Larry Lewis

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Editor's Page

Navigating the Mighty River: A Review of Amazon Access

Review of Amazon Access, a streamlined version of's site—Stephanie Bassler

Where Are We?: A Look at Global Positioning Systems on the Market Today

Reviews of three laptop-based GPS systems and two cell phone-based GPS systems—Kevin Dusling and Mark Uslan

Networking at Lunch: Part 1

How to set up your own home computer network—Jim Kutsch

Monkeys, Worms, and Other Viruses

How to protect yourself against computer bugs—Deborah Kendrick

Providing Students with the Best-Possible Training

The skills you need to be a top technology trainer—Cathy Anne Murtha

Always Moving Forward: An Interview with Larry Lewis

A talk with Larry Lewis from Pulse Data International—Deborah Kendrick

It's Your Call: Promising Practices in Wireless Access

The results of three months of "undercover" shopping for accesible cell phones—Debbie Cook



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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Senior Editor
Crista Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Executive Editor Sharon Shively

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