September 2002 Issue  Volume 3  Number 5

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The Conundrum of PDF Accessibility

This overview on the accessibility of Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) also gives resources and tips for reading PDF files with screen readers.–Annemarie Cooke

Managing Diabetes with a Visual Impairment

This Product Evaluation reviews five off-the-shelf blood glucose meters and four meters with voice output.–Mark Uslan, Caesar Eghtesadi, Angie Spiker, Karla Schnell, and Darren Burton

What's on Tonight?

This article reports on the availability of video description and the equipment needed to access it.–Deborah Kendrick

Now Playing on Your Computer

This article tells you how to access and create audio on the web.–Jim Kutsch

Review of Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments (2nd ed.) by Joseph J. Lazzaro

–Reviewed by Dawn Suvino



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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Senior Editor
Crista Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Executive Editor Sharon Shively

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