September 2000 Issue  Volume 1  Number 5

Letter to the Editor

First, let me congratulate you on AccessWorld. It's a much needed publication, presents a variety of useful information, and I wish it every success.

In Volume 1, Number 1, there is a statement about the ATIA [Assistive Technology Industry Association] Conference that says ATIA was formed "as a result of product manufacturers' frustration with the way they were treated at other conferences, especially Closing the Gap."

This is not accurate. Although some of our members do have frustrations with some of the conference venues and have felt that relations could be improved, there are other members who are completely satisfied with the treatment they receive at all major conferences. As an organization, ATIA's relationship with both Harry Murphy at CSUN [California State University Northridge's "Technology for People with Disabilities" conference] and with the sponsors of CTG (Closing the Gap) have been quite solid and satisfactory.

ATIA was formed for two purposes. First, there was a general perception among industry providers that an East Coast venue for a conference was needed, and both CTG and CSUN did not have any interest in expanding to another venue. Second, there was a quite strong feeling that the time was ripe for an industry trade association, and a conference was the nucleus around which such an organization could grow.

As you know, our first conference was very successful. Our second will be held in January 2001 in Orlando. Our members' mission is to make the world an easier and better place for people with disabilities, but we can still have fun doing that, so we're pleased to announce that noted humorist and columnist Dave Barry will be our keynote speaker. We hope to see you there.

Larry Israel

President, ATIA

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