September 2001 Issue  Volume 2  Number 5
Jim Halliday

Caption: Jim Halliday, founder of HumanWare, talks about how he became president then former president then president again.

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Editor's Page

The Great Screen Reader Race: A Review of the Two Leading Screen Readers

A Product Evaluation of Freedom Scientific's JAWS for Windows and GW Micro's Window-Eyes—Jay Leventhal and Koert Wehberg

The Human Touch in HumanWare

An interview with Jim Halliday, Founder and President of HumanWare—Deborah Kendrick

Illuminating Thoughts on Popular Low Vision Task Lamps

A review of the best lamps in each category: total spectrum, incandescent, and halogen—Bryan Gerritsen

Getting the Most Out of Training Provided by Agencies and Employers

How to get your money's worth and not waste valuable time—Lynn Zelvin

Questions and Answers

This month's focus is filling out forms—Crista Earl

AccessWorld News

Readers' Corner

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Editor in Chief Jay D. Leventhal
Senior Contributing Editor Paul Schroeder
Contributing Editors Crista L. Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Sharon Shively
Marketing Manager Sharon Baker-Harris

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