November 2001 Issue  Volume 2  Number 6
Jim Fruchterman

Caption: Jim Fruchterman, founder of Arkenstone and Benetech, talks about inventing the first PC-based system for reading print aloud, of merging with Freedom Scientific, and of founding Bookshare to swap scanned books over the Internet.

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Editor's Page

Organize Your Life: A Review of Voice Mate

A Product Evaluation of Parrot SA's Voice Mate, a Personal Digital Assistant—Deborah Kendrick and Jay Leventhal

Choosing a Screen Magnifier

A Comparison of Ai Squared's ZoomText Xtra 7.06 and Freedom Scientific's MAGic 8.0—Kevin Dusling and Mark Uslan

Raising the Bar: An Overview of the ID Mate

A Product Evaluation of Envision America's Talking Bar Code Identifier—Jay Leventhal and Koert Wehberg

Fruchterman's Fantasy Becomes Reality

An Interview with Jim Fruchterman, founder of Arkenstone and Benetech—Deborah Kendrick

How Shall I Scan? Mainstream Versus Adapted Products

A Comparison of Freedom Scientific's OPENBook, Lernout & Hauspie's Kurzweil 1000, and ScanSoft's OmniPage Pro—Optical Character Recognition Scanners—Debbie Cook

2001: A Technology Odyssey

A Lively Summation of the Newest Assistive Technology Conference—Jay Leventhal

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Editor in Chief Jay D. Leventhal
Senior Contributing Editor Paul Schroeder
Contributing Editors Crista L. Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Sharon Shively
Marketing Manager Sharon Baker-Harris

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