March 2003 Issue  Volume 4  Number 2

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Editor's Page

Lighting Up Your Night Life

Evaluations of lighting devices that make nighttime travel easier—Bryan Gerritsen

A Catalyst for Technology

A talk with Harvey Lauer, pioneer, catalyst, and shaper of assistive technology—Deborah Kendrick

The Reading Machine That Hasn't Been Built Yet

A pioneer evaluator of reading machines reveals their secret history and possible future—Harvey Lauer

Still Scanning after All These Years: A Profile of Kurzweil Educational Systems

An inside look at the evolution of the company that brought us access to the printed word—Deborah Kendrick

The Open Source Course: An Overview of Linux

Find out why this freeware operating system is becoming the choice of more and more computer users who are visually impaired—Janina Sajka

You Can Bank on It, Part 2: Advocacy, Outreach, and Legal Authority for Talking ATMs

The second part of this series on Talking Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) focuses on the efforts of accessibility advocates to achieve this advance—Lainey Feingold



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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Senior Editor
Crista Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark M. Uslan
Acting Editor Ellen Bilofsky

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Photo on cover: Using the latest Kurzweil Reading Machine.

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