November 2003 Issue  Volume 4  Number 6
Cover Photo: Photograph of two women with long canes at the New York Hall of Science in front of a display case showing models of molecules and listening to audio tour phones. The display is labeled with the numbers 708 and 709 and pictures of an ear."

Caption: Taking the audio tour of the Marvelous Molecules exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. (Credit: Dominick Totino/New York Hall of Science)

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Editor's Page

The Braille Teacher's Pal: A Review of SAL

The new Speech Assisted Learning device helps braille learners practice on their own—Frances Mary D'Andrea

Screen Reader Boot Camp

What's better than an accessible user's manual? GW Micro's live, hands-on training for Window-Eyes—Deborah Kendrick

An Introduction to JAWS Scripting

Try this beginner's tutorial and write your own programs to make mainstream applications more accessible—Joe Lazzaro

Sounds of Science

Museum going just got a lot more friendly with the accessible tours at the New York Hall of Science—Jay Leventhal

Do Cell Phones Plus Software Equal Access? Part 1

Does the Nokia 3650 with Mobile Accessibility software solve the cell phone accessibility issues?—Darren Burton and Mark Uslan

Chase Expands "Right Relationship" with eATM: A Collaboration in Accessibility

Consultation and collaboration results in a state-of-the-art talking ATM—Annemarie Cooke

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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Senior Editor
Crista Earl
Deborah Kendrick
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Ellen Bilofsky
Associate Editor Rebecca Burrichter

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