January 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 1

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Not Just Taking Up Space: Almost-Infinite Job Possibilities at NASA

NASA's commitment to hiring people with disabilities, combined with a technologically pioneering environment, makes the stars the limit for its visually impaired employees--Deborah Kendrick

A Rosy Future for DAISY Books

Easy listening comes to Talking Books with DAISY--the Digital Audio-based Information System--Jay Leventhal and Janina Sajka

Read Me, Read Me Not: A Review of Four DAISY Book Players

One of these four stand-alone DAISY book players will plant the seeds of knowledge for readers--Jay Leventhal and Janina Sajka

Progress Toward Access: A Review of AOL 9.0

Our test of the new AOL 9.0 with JAWS for Windows 5.0 detects a giant step forward toward accessibility--Jerry Weichbrodt

Do Cell Phones Plus Software Equal Access? Part 2

The Nokia 9290, a combination cell phone and personal digital assistant, made accessible with TALKS text-to-speech software, is the best bet yet for accessibility--Darren Burton and Mark Uslan

Quite a Display: A Review of Two Video Magnifiers

A variety of unique features gives viewers a choice--Bryan Gerritsen

No Static at All: A Review of Low-Power FM Transmitters

With a low-powered FM radio transmitter, you can play the output of almost any audio device through the speakers of your car or home FM radio, even in another room. And, some of these transmitters are accessible--Jim Kutsch

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Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Ellen Bilofsky
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