March 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 2

Letters to the Editor

Antidote to Cutbacks

Congratulations on the launch of your free online version of AccessWorld. With cutbacks, your wonderful magazine wasn't available to me over the past few years, but I will again be able to refer customers to the wonderful and unbiased information in your pages!

Laurie McEvoy
Ministry of Children's Services, Toronto

Disk Drawer No More

Thanks so much for the review of the Daisy readers. It's nice to have them compared. One additional piece of information that would be helpful would be to know how the disk is inserted into the machine. The Victor Pro has a standard CD drawer that pops out to receive the disk and we've found them to be one of the more fragile parts. Does the Victor Plus use the same system or is the disk just inserted into a slot? One advantage of the clam-shell design is that the disk is just placed in the machine (though the laser-reading part is still exposed to exploring fingers). We've just purchased several of the Scholars and I've discovered that it's easy to not realize the battery cover isn't latched, which prevents the disk from turning.

Diane Nousanen
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Austin

Editor's Response

The Victor Reader Plus has a slot into which CDs are inserted. As the disk is pushed in, a mechanism grabs it and finishes the job.

AOL for All

Because I have been an AOL subscriber since 2002 and I am using Window-Eyes, I would like to point out an inaccuracy in your article about AOL. You said that it is not yet advisable to use AOL with Window-Eyes. GW Micro has supported my work with AOL since version 6.0, and Window-Eyes works quite well with AOL. I have not yet upgraded to AOL version 9.0, but can tell you that AOL has made great progress through version 8.0 with accessibility and I have had almost no trouble with accessibility. So you might revise your comment about AOL and Window-Eyes, since it is definitely not true.

Gail Selfridge

Editor's Response

We used JAWS because our contact at AOL advised us that AOL had more contact with Freedom Scientific to date during their development process since AOL 7.0. Brief attempts to use Window-Eyes with AOL 9.0 were not very successful, so we went with AOL's advice.

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