March 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 2

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Diabetes and Visual Impairment: Are Insulin Pumps Accessible?

Insulin pumps can be lifesavers for people who are diabetic--but can visually impaired users overcome the obstacles?--Darren Burton, Craig Swisher, and Mark Uslan

Getting Your Forms in Shape

Filling out forms can be one of the worst parts of navigating a web site using a screen reader. Find out why--and how web designers can make these forms accessible--Crista Earl and Elizabeth Neal

Accessing Power: A Review of the Democratic Presidential Candidates Web Sites

The Internet has played a major role in this year's presidential primary campaigns. Candidates' web sites were surprisingly accessible as tools for making a choice--Jay Leventhal

Dancing the Roomba: Artificial Intelligence That Sweeps the Floor

Imagine a device that not only sweeps the floor, but is also accessible--and it makes you laugh!--Deborah Kendrick

A History of Accessibility at IBM

Read about the illustrious history in assistive technology of a company that has done more for people with disabilities than any other in the Fortune 500--Annemarie Cooke

No (Small) Degree of Success

An interview with Gayle Yarnall, president and owner of Adaptive Technology Consulting, who parlayed her job skills training into a very successful business--Deborah Kendrick

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