July 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 4

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The Key to the Information Age: A Review of Three Screen Readers, Part 2

Find out how Hal, a relative newcomer from the United Kingdom, compares with the competition--Jim Denham, Jay Leventhal, and Heather McComas

The Ballot Ballet: The Usability of Accessible Voting Machines

Will the focus on electronic voting machines as a result of security issues affect the right of visually impaired voters to a private, independent, and dignified voting experience? This usability study of five voting machines gives an indication--Darren Burton and Mark Uslan

You Can Take It with You: A Review of Three Portable CCTVs

The Traveller, the Olympia, and the Pico can all go with you to assist with reading and writing, whether at home, in school, in the supermarket, or at work. Find out which one works best for your needs--Carol Farrenkopf

The Signal Gets Stronger: Three Cell Phones with Speech Output

We continue our coverage of cell phone accessibility by evaluating two options specifically designed for people who are blind or visually impaired in a small but growing group of phones worth considering--Darren Burton

A Library in Your Hand: A Review of the Book Port and the BookCourier

These two handheld e-book readers with speech output are similar in appearance, use the same speech synthesizer, and perform many of the same functions, but they have a few significant differences--Jay Leventhal

How Do I Read Thee? A Librarian Expands the Ways

Find out about a series of projects spearheaded by Lori Bell, director of the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center, designed to put new and emerging reading formats into the hands of patrons who are blind or have low vision--Deborah Kendrick

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