November 2004 Issue  Volume 5  Number 6

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To Vote or Not to Vote Is Not the Question

Find out why security versus accessibility should not be a contest in the 2004 presidential elections; and check whether you'll vote for president on an accessible machine in your state—Deborah Kendrick

Now They're Talking! A Review of Two Cell Phone-Based Screen Readers

After a string of missed calls, companies finally connect, with two cell phone-based screen readers that bring substantial accessibility to the Nokia 6620 and other phones—Darren Burton

Getting from Point A to Point B: A Review of Two GPS Systems

These two GPS systems can set you free to explore your own environment. Plot routes, stop counting streets, and forget the panic of feeling lost—Jim Denham, Jay Leventhal, and Heather McComas

Geocaching: A "Treasured" Experience with GPS

Find out who cashes in when teams set out to hunt for "treasure" using the newest navigation tools in this "way fun" accessible activity—Deborah Kendrick

The Device That Refreshes: How to Buy a Braille Display

If you're thinking about spending several thousand dollars on a refreshable braille display, you'll want to check out these tips, the result of 1½ years of research from Project Assist.—Susan Stageberg

An Easy-to-Use Talking Organizer: A Review of TADI

TADI (which stands for TAlking personal DIgital assistant) may be just the thing for people who don't use braille and who want their lives to be more organized—Janet Ingber

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