September 2005 Issue  Volume 6  Number 5

Letters to the Editor

Sorry in Zimbabwe

It was with great sadness that I read of the Telesensory Corporation's sudden bankruptcy in the July edition. How on earth could the corporate bosses of Telesensory treat their employees like that?

Anyway, the issue here is of one of the leading firms in the provision of assistive devices closing. The situation is indeed unbearable. We thought that with the advent of the new century, so would new firms open to provide a variety of products for people with low vision and blind people. In fact, here in Zimbabwe, just like any other third world country, we keep on hoping that firms like Freedom Scientific would become multinational entities that can spread their wings to every part of the globe. To us, the closure of Telesensory is an omen. We hope this is the first and the last of its kind to happen.

Otherwise, thank you for providing detailed product evaluation and ratings in AccessWorld magazine. We also wish that all other firms may not follow in the way of Telesensory. Thank you once again.

With sorrow,

Ishe Chinyoka
Harare, Zimbabwe

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