September 2005 Issue  Volume 6  Number 5

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Letter to the Editor

Always Seeking Innovation: An Interview with Curtis Chong

We interview one of the most influential advocates and leaders in the assistive technology field--Deborah Kendrick

Untangling the Wireless World

Find quick clarification of key terms heard more and more in discussions about connecting devices--Gerald Weichbrodt

Not What the Doctor Ordered: A Review of Apple's VoiceOver Screen Reader

Get to the core of the problems with Apple's new screen reader for the Macintosh--Jay Leventhal

How to Buy a CCTV

Learn what questions to ask before spending a large chunk of change on a closed-circuit television--Carol Farrenkopf

Tools of the Trade: Tips That Can Make You a Better Trainer Right Now

Pick up some pointers to fine-tune your technology teaching skills--Stephanie Bassler

Need a Lift? Accessibility and the New Elevator Control Systems

Read about a new elevator system and uplifting solutions to the access problems it poses--Darren Burton

Breaking the Code: A Review of Two Portable Bar Code Scanners

We review two handy devices that can identify products so that you open the correct bottle, can, or package--Janet Ingber

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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Founding Editor
Deborah Kendrick, Senior Features Editor
Crista Earl
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Ellen Bilofsky
Associate Editor Rebecca Burrichter

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