September 2005 Issue  Volume 6  Number 5


September 6-9, 2005

Assistive Technology from Virtuality to Reality: Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) Eighth European Conference

Lille, France

Contact: Package Organisation, 5 Avenue de la Créativité, BP 356, 59650 Villeneuve D'Ascq, France; phone: +33-20-05-10-50; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

October 8, 2005

Virginia Murray Sowell Seventh Annual Distinguished Lecturer Series: Assistive Technology for Children with Visual Impairments

Lubbock, TX

Contact: Nora Griffin‐Shirley, Virginia Murray Sowell Center for Research and Education in Visual Impairment, College of Education, Texas Tech University,  P.O. Box 41071, Lubbock, TX 79409; phone: 806-742‐1997, extension 247; web site: <>.

October 9‐10, 2005

The Seventh International ACM SIGACCESS (Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing) Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Baltimore, MD

Contact: Andrew Sears, Information Systems Department, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Drive, Baltimore, MD 21250; phone: 410-455-3883; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

October 20-22, 2005

23rd Annual Closing the Gap Conference

Minneapolis, MN

Contact: Closing the Gap, P.O. Box 68, 526 Main Street, Henderson, MN 56044; phone: 507‐248‐3294; e‐mail: <>; web site: <>.

November 8-11, 2005

Eighth Annual Accessing Higher Ground: Assistive Technology and Accessible Media in Higher Education

Boulder, CO

Contact: Disability Services, University of Colorado, Willard Administrative Center 322, 107 UCB, Boulder, CO, 80309; phone: 303-492‐8671; e‐mail: <>.

November 17, 2005

Assistive Technology: Improving Lives Daily

Warwick, RI

Contact: TechAccess of Rhode Island, 110 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite I, Warwick, RI 02888; phone: 401-463‐0202; e-mail: <techaccess@techaccess‐>; web site: <www.techaccess‐>.

November 17-18, 2005

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) Techshare 2005

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Contact: Techshare, Royal National Institute of the Blind, 58-72 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN, England, United Kingdom; phone: +44-121-665-4226; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

December 1-2, 2005

Tactile Graphics 2005: Third International Conference on Tactile Diagrams, Maps, and Pictures

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Contact: National Centre for Tactile Diagrams, Royal National Institute of the Blind, 58‐72 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN, England, United Kingdom; phone: +44-121-665-4257; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

January 5‐8, 2006

2006 International Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas, NV

Contact: 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, c/o ExpoExchange, P.O. Box 590, Frederick, MD 21705; phone: 866‐233‐7968 or 301‐694‐5124; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

January 18-21, 2006

Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2006 Conference

Orlando, FL

Contact: ATIA, 401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611; phone: 877‐687‐2842 or 321-673‐6659; e‐mail: <>; web site: <>.

January 26-28, 2006

24th Annual Technology, Reading, and Learning Difficulties (TRLD) Conference

San Francisco, CA

Contact: TRLD, Don Johnston Incorporated, 26799 West Commerce Drive, Volo, IL 60073; phone: 800-999‐4660 or 847-740-0749; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.

March 20-25, 2006

California State University at Northridge (CSUN) Center on Disabilities' 21st Annual International Conference: Technology and Persons with Disabilities

Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Center on Disabilities, CSUN, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Building 11, Suite 103, Northridge, CA 91330; phone: 818‐677‐2578; e‐mail: <>; web site: <>.

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