November 2005 Issue  Volume 6  Number 6

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Letters to the Editor

Driven to Succeed: A Tribute to Russell Smith

After the sudden and untimely death of the newly formed HumanWare's CEO, we remember his role in developing the products that so many visually impaired people depend on--Deborah Kendrick

What's in a PDF? The Challenges of the Popular Portable Document Format

Find out why Portable Document Format (PDF) is so popular, and how its accessibility has recently improved--Jamal Mazrui

Let Your Fingers Do the Shopping: A Review of Seven Online Shopping Web Sites

Read about a welcome alternative to fighting for the items you want in your local mall--Janet Ingber

Shop Till You Drop--A Lot!

Has this ever happened to you? Take a walk on the lighter side of online shopping--Susan Mazrui

Simply Out Scanning: A Review of SARA and ScannaR

We review two easy-to-use, stand-alone optical character recognition systems--Darren Burton and Heather McComas

Express Yourself: An Introduction to Blogs

An initiation into the hottest new way to tell the world what you think about anything and everything--Janina Sajka and Beyond, by Anna Dresner

A review of a handy guide for new web surfers and inexperienced online shoppers--Deborah Kendrick

Dialing Up the Magnification: A Review of Mobile Magnifier

Read about a product that brings magnification to cell phone screens-- Darren Burton and Lee Huffman

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Editor in Chief Jay Leventhal
Contributing Editors Paul Schroeder, Founding Editor
Deborah Kendrick, Senior Features Editor
Crista Earl
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Ellen Bilofsky
Associate Editor Rebecca Burrichter

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