January 2007 Issue  Volume 8  Number 1

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Talk Me Through It: A Review of Two Cell Phone-Based Screen Readers

Our cell phone wizard compares the latest versions of two screen readers that provide access to many phone features--Darren Burton

Access in the Kitchen: An Update on Home Appliances

We offer our latest recommendations for accessible appliances--Brad Hodges

Magnification Is Going Places: A Review of the STRIX and Amigo Portable CCTVs

We test two more small CCTVs. Will they help you if you bring them along on your travels?--Lee Huffman

Celebrating the Naming of a Genius: An Interview with Jim Fruchterman

We share the insights and plans of a newly enriched old friend--Deborah Kendrick

Canon Extends Copy Machine Access with It's New Voice Operation Kit

The office copier just became more accessible with this new offering from Canon--Darren Burton and Lee Huffman

An Update on myReader, HumanWare's Transportable Auto Reader

We chronicle improvements to this first-of-a-kind device--Lee Huffman

Legends and Pioneers of Blindness Assistive Technology, Part 4

In the final part of his review of assistive technology history, Candela focuses on the computer itself--Anthony R. Candela

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Crista Earl
Mark Uslan
Managing Editor Ellen Bilofsky
Associate Editor Rebecca Burrichter

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